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Need advice : Night Nappy Leakage Problem! Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone has any little tricks up their sleeves for dealing with leaking night nappies!! My boy is 21 months and EVERY single night he leaks through the front, to the point of wetting through to his cot sheets.. Really starting to tick me off!

My daughter would leak every now and then, but this is every night!!

He is in the walker size nappies, and I change him as soon as he wakes in the morning.. Any ideas? Anyone tried usuing a sanitary napkin in the nappy? SHould I try girls ones? Cloth nappy over the top???

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

i would suggest not letting him drink atleast an hour before bed and different nappies
i found that changing the brand of nappies worked best for me.

DS2 was like that and he's 18mths, i was so sick of him waking up saturated from his neck down to his knees every morning and sometimes waking during the night like this aswell.

He has a small cup of milk before bed and has done for awhile now... i have tried every single different brand of nappy and it was happening with all of them. So now, i put a nappy on him between 6-6:30pm in preparation for bed and DF who works afternoon shift and get's home at about 12pm changes him again when he gets home! It's a pain and it mean's we're using 2 nappies a night but what else can we do???

Is it the nappy leaking (is it really full) or is he playing with his doodle and making it point up and then when he wees the nappy isn't holding the wee.

If you think it could be that he's playing then a singlesuit that buttons up at the crotch under his pjs might help.

Whenever we had a leaking problem, going up a size usually fixed it
Zachy is the same, doesn't matter what size or brand, he wee's A LOT, so all I do it change him before I go to bed usually about midnight.
Thanks for your replies..

Is there a bigger size than Walker?? I just assumed walker was the biggest smile

It is definitely just an 'over flow' problem because he is in his winter pj's - a singlet suit AND polar fleece snuggle suit, so no way he is gaining access to his willy.

I had thought about waking him for a night change - I am just worried he won't go back to sleep!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

Posted by: Joski

Is there a bigger size than Walker?? I just assumed walker was the biggest smile

how about junior?
If you're happy to shop online, then search "bebe's nappy mates" they're like a thick sanitary pad without the plastic backing which sticks into the nappy so adds extra absorbancy to the nappy. Unfortunately I couldn't find anyone local who stocked them but was still able to purchase from online baby stores (we're past night nappies now so hope they're still available & I haven't led you up the garden path). Good luck.
DS was having the same problem with the Walker nappies when Huggs changed the design.

I know have him in Junior nappies at night and Walker during the day. Been like that for a few months now and only had one night where it leaked.

Ohh, excellent will try the Junior ones.. Failing that, will look into those pads - THANKS!

Joanne, WA, DD 22.05.06 & DS 04.10.07

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