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did you announce your BFP in a cool way to dh???

(haha, sonja bet u thought u were finding out something else!!)


I wish I had've but didn't. Both times I just couldn't wait to tell him , couldn't keep it to myself

DD1 it was 5 am and he was in bed and half asleep

DD2 was on the phone to him at work

With Maddi he was in the doctors office with me.. So nothing special there lol.

With Emilie I planned on a cooking his favourite meal and having it all romantic with candles etc (can't say we've ever done that!) and I was going to put it in a card for him (the positive test) or something along those lines lol but I did a test on a whim, wasn't planning on doing one to the next week if AF still hadn't shown up so because I did it early I had nothing in to cook and I was just so shocked it was positive that I rang him about 100 times telling him to hurry up and come home from work so he kinda guessed lol. And all I did was hug him and tell him I was pregnant!

You don't know how close to death you were when I saw the title of this thread and who it was by!!!!

Fee, you are a naughty girl!! Wait til Son see's this....

I got my bfp... and dh was in the shower. I casually walked in and handed him the test through the shower door.

He said "what's this?" and I said "what do you think?"

and then there was just silence. hahaha

DP knew i had a test to take, i knew i was pregnant anyway i could tell.

I just told him & showed him, he kinda just went quite lol.
I found out just before christmas. DH came home from work a couple of days later n i made up a lil box with a cigar n a dummy in it n on the card i wrote. "Dad sorry i missed u for christmas this year will diffently be there next year love xxx"

silly thing was, was that originally he thought i'd given it to him by mistake cuz he thought it was a present for my dad.. till he opened the box... men!

I rang hubby at work and when he said hi honey i said hi daddy and he said yes i knew you were pregnant (he was telling me for 2 weeks to do a test)
And when we told my BIL he reply was you up the duff and i said yeah and the next day him and his wife walk in and he says she up the duff too.

With Jayden I remember yelling to him while I was sitting on the toilet and he was brushing his teeth... something along the lines of 'oi, I think this means i'm pregnant' (real special)

With Ella the HPT was really faint so i decided to get a blood test before i told him and after going to the doctors twice (once to get the test then to get the results) he clued on!


with Brody cause i couldnt stop crying (cause i was emotional and not expecting it) I just put the pregnancy test in an envelope, taped it to the front door and he got it before he even walked in!!

With DD, I found out a few weeks before chistmas.. I went out and bought a newborn baby's gift pack, put the positive test on top of it, wrapped it up and stuck it under the tree... DF was supposed to open it on christmas morning but there was 1 day i was really emotional and he didnt understand why, so i said to him.... u wanna know why.... open this.... and yeah, then he gave me a hug and that was about it....

Pregnancy #2, i told him over the phone while he was at work.... ended up being a mc anyway...

Pregnancy #3, I found out on 11/2/09, so i got a really nice valentines card for him and stuck the positive test inside of that..... he found out on valentines day when he opened the card.. he was over the moon and said it was the best present i could've given him..... also another mc...

Pregnancy #4 - Current Pregnancy... I already knew so I told him i would do a test on the weekend that he was home so HE could be the one to tell me i was pregnant!!!!! He was pretty chuffed to find out before me!! (I did the pee on a stick test and handed it to him before it started to work)
With Judd I was so sick and wondered if I was pregnant but DH had to buy the test so he knew anyway - and was there when I took the test.

Kindof of the same with this one as it was planned DH knew when I'd be testing and was there when I took the test.

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