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I am really in need of some help to change my way of thinking and boost myself back up again.

I love love lovebeing a mother. I make mistakes, as everyone does. But i am heppy with how i raise my children and try soooo very hard to do my best.

I am so sick of being judged. I hate the snide remarks made to me and my children, when they nor i, have done anything "wrong". I hate feeling as though i am a useless mother and nothing that i do is good enough. I hate feeling as though i can't be myself and have to change who i am, just to stop people being rude and degrading towards me.

A great saying is, you can't change what others think, only how you think. I wish i could do this, but at the moment am finding it difficult.

So please, if you have any words of wisdom and happy thoughts to boost me back up and stop feeling shitty about myself please share. It will be greatly appreciated sad
What kind of things do people say to you, and how rude of them to say rude things to your children.
Dont let other peoples opinions get you down, if your a good mother thats all that counts.

What others think is none of your business.

Tell youself every day, that you are doing a good job and you are a good person and you are happy the way you do things. Or write it down each day. When you fill a page, start a new sentence.

who makes snide remarks, and who is judging you???

By the sounds of you, you have low self esteem and if you are surrounded by people like that, it's little wonder you have no confidence!

I steer clear of negative people... they bring everyone around them down. If you can join a mothers group or some kind of support group where you can surround yourself with positive people then you will feel 100% better. Being with a happy person really rubs off.

Another thing you can try is to pick out all the positive things in your life, and have a little think about them. Look at your kids... they are healthy and happy yes? Then you have SUCCEEDED in doing a great job, and you should be proud of yourself.

I know exactly what you mean... I've been where you are and am a good example of changing negativity into positivity. I still have my down days, and sometimes an entire week of being down. But on the whole I have changed and made myself happier simply by refusing to acknowlege any negative thoughts, and instead making myself think positivly.

I am very picky with my friends. I stopped all contact with anyone that made me feel bad about myself, and anyone that had a negative attitude.

Good luck, I hope things improve for you soon.


Thanks so much for your replies.

80% of the time i am confident and happy but when i cop it a bit and get down it's hard to get back up.

The people who judge us are friends, family and locals (very small town and very small minded) which makes it hard to escape sometimes.

I know half of it comes from within myself, comments can be often worse to me than what they actually....i guess i am just sick of the judging full stop. Whether it's extremely rude or slighty out of line.

Thanks again. i do feel better. Am off to have a dinner wit1h my hubby tonight. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully a better one smile
I have had people say rude comments about me and i starting to learn to think that they are the ones with the problem not me.
I bet you doing a great job being a mummy, so don't let anyone tell you other wise.

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