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Ideas for 18hr flights Lock Rss

Good morning to you all,
just wanted to find out if anyone has been on long flights with toddlers and what is recommended to do and take. What sort of things do you pack for an 18hr flight? What food to take? Do airlines provide milk? In particluar - Emirates? How do you entertain a two yr old toddler? Any other suggestions would be extremely appreciated. The flight is for Wednesday morning, so any ideas / advice before then would be greatful. Thanks
Hi Saf

I responded to your original post on this topic in July. Don't know if you saw it but I have copied it for you below.

Good luck and have a great trip!



Hi Saf

I have a friend who travels with children all the time and she will only fly Emirates as she says they are fantastic with children!

Have a look at the website - they have quite a bit of info - I have copied some info for you below.

You could also try calling the local office in Sydney:

Agent: Emirates
Address: Level 4,
36 Clarence Street
NSW 2000

Dialing Code: 0061
Telephone: (0)2-92909700

Good luck!


On the ground
You can pre-book seats, children's meals or any other special meal, just let our Reservations team know and we will be pleased to make the arrangements. We offer a selection of meals, especially planned to appeal to the younger palate. You can request a special meal when you book your child's ticket or at least 24 hours prior to departure. There is a variety to choose from - food items like burgers, chicken/fish fingers, French fries, chocolate, fruit and crisps, all presented on a specially designed tray set-up. Special meals are available for vegetarians and specific dietary requirements as well.

Unaccompanied Minors and Young Passengers are always boarded before other passengers, so that the cabin crew can seat them and stow their hand baggage.

Special Occasions
If your child is travelling on his/her birthday all you need to do is call our Reservations and we'll prepare a special cake as a gift to celebrate the event.

We will be also pleased to take a Polaroid photograph of children as a complimentary memento of their flight, where flight time permits.

In the air - a world of entertainment
Whenever you fly with Emirates, your child will find entertainment to suit them. There is a dedicated channel for our young passengers, CTV and Skysurfers. A selection of latest cartoons and family movies are available on this channel. Some of our flights also feature interactive games for all ages.

If your child is aged between two and 16 years and flies frequently, we have a Skywards Skysurfers club, where a member is entitled to special Skysurfers treatment in lots of different ways. For instance, if your child likes to sit next to a window on a flight, being a Skysurfers member helps ensure he/she gets a window seat on the next flight.

A Skywards Skysurfer also earns Skywards Miles for every flight flown, and these Miles can be exchanged for great rewards such as free flights, books, toys and free trips to the amazing Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai.

There is a members-only website which has interesting things for your child, like e-cards, screensaver, Travel Quiz, Travel Journal and Mileage Calculator.

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi I think there has been a post on this before somwhere but anyhow.

You can get jars of baby food or pre order meals and this should all have been taken care of when you bought your ticket. Your child will be too old for a bassinet so you will most likely have a seat. I would book in early and ensure you have a window seat so you can prop them up to go to sleep. Milk is always available but it may belong life. Heating milk is an issue that I have had to encounter a few times as airlines do not carry microwaves. I suggest taking nibblies and drinks from home that they are familiar with and toys that they are familiar with. There are kids tv and radio stations on board so that may also fill in some time. Another good tip is to take them for a walk up and down the plane every hour - tires them out, reduces the clotting risk and fills in time. Airlines also have toy pack things for toddlers.

Good luck!
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