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Dinner Lock Rss


the yummiest sauciest meatloaf ever, mashed spud and a variety of green veg!!!
Kids won't eat my meatloaf (has a bit of a bite), so they are having boring old mince with the spud and vegs...
Might make a carrot cake too...
Boring ol spag bog. lol

After my huge masterchef inspired cooking bonanza I'm finally sick of it and cooking something boring.

BUT... I will try putting ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes in it. lol

marinated steak with a side of lightly stir fried greens.

Rather boring but oh so tasty!
I took some rissoles that i made a couple of weeks ago out of the freezer.. so it's rissoles and veges for us tonight.
chicken carbonara maybe..
then again might just order pizza

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