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What to wear to a funeral? Rss

Tomorrow we say goodbye to my cousins 3 month old baby and i'm not sure what to wear.
IS it still normal to wear black to funerals or is ok to wear some colour? Do you think its ok if i dress my baby boys in Jeans and a nice jumper?

Thanks Jenny
[Edited on 06/08/2009]
Most people still wear black...
I don't think people would expect kids to wear black tho. So I think Jeans are fine.

~Hugs to for your loss.~
[Edited on 03/08/2009]

Thanks I just didn't want to offend anyone with what i wore. I will stick to black for my self.
I've been to 2 funerals in the last month... the 1st in the city at the cathedral and most people wore black but with something red (or bright) as red was her favourite colour.

The second, most people didn't wear black as the service was more a celebration of the person's life (and we knew this was what she would have wanted).

I think the clothes you've suggested for your Bub is fine... and as for you, as long as it's nice classy clothes (ie not low cut or at see-level) , colour doesn't matter.

So sorry to hear about your families loss.
I have my dear uncle's funeral on thursday and my aunty has actually asked us (family) NOT to wear all black as my uncle was rarely seen in black, and she doesnt want it to be depressing, she wants to celebrate the life of a wonderful man. So im wearing black pants, closed in flat shoes and a nice purple top.
The only person wearing black will be my nonna as she is traditional Italian, and she will wear black to the funeral.

Sorry to hear about your cousins baby, thought are will you at this sad time.
I was thinking about you and your cousin yesterday, I hope they're holding up ok. Did she like the idea of the necklace? I'm sure your boys will be fine in jeans. I hope you're ok too!

I've been to 2 funerals in the last 2 years both for family members. The first one all family members were dressed in suits/ dresses with a bit of little colour and dresses in dark colours and black and brownish tones. The rest of the people were in jeans, singlets etc... but it felt more respectful to dress up. DD was a baby for this one so she was in a pretty white outfit. The more recent one everyone was dressed up, in mostly dark colours and very few people wore casual clothes. DD didn't come to this one but I took her to the wake in a brown dress, stockings, good shoes etc....

What you're planning sounds fine. I don't think anyone is going to mind what the boys are wearing as they are only little as long as they look respectable.
The last funeral i went to i had to wear my work uniform since i had to start work. after the service had finish.
You could wear colour other than black
[Edited on 03/08/2009]

Ive been to a few funerals in the past year and although black is still the main colour, a bit of colour in there is also alright. Maybe dark purple, red, brown, dark blue..
With one of them, it was a girl from school and everyone wore pink because she loved it so much..With my pop's funeral I wore black pants and a red top, my uncle's was the same and another friend's funeral i wore black and blue.
I think jeans and a nice jumper is a good choice for your baby boys.

Sorry to hear of your family's loss.
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