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Friends or family??? Lock Rss

Which would you choose??

I would always choose family as they are the ones who have always stuck by and supported me no matter what dissapointment i have dished out to them or how i have treated them. I know they are the ones who will ALWAYS be there for me no matter what and will never talk badly of me to others.

I have one true good friend who i consider as family, but at the end of the day i would choose family.

I dont think its as black and white as that.

in general, i would choose my family. But there are always points at which that could change, eg abuse discovered or major betrayal. Everyone has a breaking point.

DH is not close to his family AT ALL so his choice would easily be made for friends.

But any true friends and family would not put you in a position to have to choose between them.
if it was friends or inlaws then I would go for family for my family ..apart from my brother and sister ..I am not to fussed on them to be honest .I have friends who will do more for me then family have ever done ! ...far out I have neighbours who have done more for me then my family has !!

my mother called my little baby girl a bi.tch the other day !!!
for me it is family (mum/dad and brothers).. i can count on them no matter what..

It would depend on the situation, I would choose my step sister and step brother over all except my own children and husband. Everyone else would depend on the circumstances.
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