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The world is comming to an end Rss

now that I have you attention What's for Dinner?

We are having crumbed chicken tenderloins with mash potato and Brussels sprouts.
I have made a little concotion in the slow cooker and the taste test is prooving positive !!! lol lol lol
Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice.....YUM!!!


Casserole! I hope it tastes okay, i just threw it all together and had run out of some ingredients
Hmmm im having deja vu! There is another dinner thread around i think someone started it this morning??

ANyways i have chicken curry in the slow cooker, smells delish! We are going to have rice and Naan bread with it
Home made fried rice with side of veges for me and DD

Rump steak with veg and hassel back tatties here smile

Roast lamb and vegies with yorkshire puddings and gravy YUMMO

Rich beef casserole in the slowy, with mash tato!
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