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Now you can all Predict My Bubs D.O.B, Weight etc Lock Rss

Im having a little girl BTW...
But let me know if you think otherwise LOL

So what are your predictions....
EDD is 8th Of August....

lol i didnt give too much away did i?

[Edited on 03/08/2009]
Hmmm Ok.....

6th August
34cm h/c

ETA the length LOL Derrrrrrrrrrr
[Edited on 03/08/2009]
6th August
34.5cms h/c

Born in the morning sometime hehe do i get a cuddle if im close??
You know its weird you both say 6th of august !!! cause thats my prediction too !!
lol and yep Denae you do.
but does that mean you dont get one if your not close? LOL
Date: 5th of August
Weight: 3.1kg
Length: 49cm
HC: 33cm
I say

07/08/09 at 11:45am after a 5 hr labour
7lb 2oz
50cms long
34cms h/c

oh, and lots of dark curly hair

I say

beautiful bubby girl
06/08/09 at around 3am
7lb 13oz
49cm long
HC no idea

Stunningly gorgeous!!

DH predicts
8lb 3oz

dark skin and hair like her mummy smile
Im going to steal one anyway nat hehehe
I'll say 7th August, as that's my sisters birthday.

3.4kgs and 51cms long

I'm definitely going to come and get a cuddle!

i like i like!!

bump for some night crew?
11th August at 2.30pm
8lb 2oz
34cm H/C

Best of luck! Can't wait to hear the news smile

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