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Put your baby into a vaccination trial??
No way!
No way!!
I saw that on the news too..

I'm in the NO WAY camp. esp for something that can cause respritory distress and then death... NO!

If it was finding a cure to the hiccups and she had the hiccups, then probably...

no ...but I would like it if someone else was to do it !! lol lol lol ..I love human trials !! lol lol

sorry ....your being serious ..not funny !! ( he he he he )
Absolutely NOT. It is so not worth the risk.
NOPE! See this is where I see the merits in animal trials....yet I don't like them either...
I just saw that as well and its a definite no for me

I know there was human trials but seeing that beautiful little baby having no choice but to have the vaccination was really sad
i wouldnt, as i wont even have the cervical cancer vaccine as its only new.

i only vaccinate my child about the ones that are on the vaccination schedule.

im a vaccination naz.i and i dont think i would. Maybe, maybe not. I dont know.
Im not so worried about Pig Flu these days, im more worried about the pneumonic plague outbreak in China at the moment....... Now the thought of that IS scary! IMO
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