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Drug taking - off another thread Lock Rss

There seems to be alot of people who have experimented with drugs of all sorts. I thought there weren't that many people who did that but maybe I'm just naieve.

The worst I have ever tried is Marjuana when I was 16.

So have many of you tried lots of different things or are there many who haven't???
I smoked pot all the time between tha ages of 13- 16 and also took ecstasy regularly untill i was 16 when I starting seing my now hubby - he would not have stayed with me if i kept taking drugs

majority of kids at my school atleast smoked pot a few times
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Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

i've tried too much!!!

god could i edit this any more times? LOL maybe its all the drugs i took affecting my ability to see the consequences of my posting about this sort of thing LMAO
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ive never smoked or done any drugs lol DP used to use Marjuana but that was before i met him lol

I've only ever tried weed as far as illegal stuff goes...bongs, bucket bongs and hash cookies....that is the extent of my experimentation with illegal drugs.
Wanted to add that this was BK...before kids.
Never done drugs, never smoked, never been drunk... yes I am very boring!
I'm as straight as they come. Never even tried a cigarette let alone anything harder. I've been drunk a handful of times but now have a drink maybe once a year, I don't really like the taste of alcohol.
only tried pot a couple of times....really didn't go much on it. i was late blommer. I did E's regularly for a yr and a half and tried coke a few times. Was never stupid enough to do anything with needles. Once i met DP didn't really see the point to it, as i only did it in my clubbing, single days. i haven't touched a thing in almost 3 yr and i really don't miss it! and i also have a little person to think about now! i don't regret it as it gives me life expirence but i wouldn't ever do it again as i don't want livvy anywhere near stuff like that!

Pot, ectasy, speed, and cocaine. Back in my clubbing days, luckily I stopped a month before I fell pregnant!
hmm im a bit weary but.......... I have tried everything you could think of.
I started off smoking weed when i was 14 and then it progressed from there to speed, then LSD and other pills, then stuff in between and when i turned 18 i got hooked on ice. Luckily i had wonderful family and friends who supported me through the toughest and darkest time of my life! I got rid of the bad people in my life and i turned it around. I got an awesome job, moved back in with my parents and met my now DF. Im glad i went through it all, as i wouldnt be the person i am today, or have my DF and DS
I smoked pot daily for years

Ive also done speed, ectasy, ice (once)

And i think thats it lol those days are long long gone
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