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Drug taking - off another thread Lock Rss

I tried pot a few times but wasn't interested in trying anything else. (frankly, it wasn't that great & just made me sleepy.) My brother was/is the druggo, so I've done a LOT of passive smoking. He now has schitzophrenia due to drug use, and I hated seeing his gf smoke it while she was pregnant. I rarely see them now, as I can't stand to watch my nephew & 2 nieces growing up in that environment. The day they started smoking it right in front of us, right after telling them I was pregnant, was the day hubby declared we weren't going there anymore!

I did drink a bit. There is one night from when I was 15 that I STILL do not remember (11 years later!) I never drank so much again, but often had a few too many. Stopped going to clubs around 19 though, and have barely ahd a drink since then. Since getting pregnant with DS (2.5 yrs ago) I have had TWO drinks.

I started smoking (regular cigarettes)at 15 - quit a few times & finally gave up properly a month before getting pregnant with DS. I will never touch one again.
nope, never felt the need to do drugs. Alcohol was always more then enough for me. Alot of friends tried drugs, and TBH watching them on them only turned me off trying them even more.
I have tried everything there ever was on offer, not something I am very proud of, thankfully I lived to tell my tale and in some wierd way it has made me who I am today.

I haven't touched anything other than alcohol in abour 10 years and would never again either - I don't think I could survive what I used to do.

was Bubbagirlsmama

I have never tried any drugs...I was pressures by many people including my brother to try stuff but i just wouldnt...

I dont like what it does to some people...


Posted by: ~TJK Mum ~
I am so against drugs..

I hate how accepted it is to take them or to have been a big druggo before. Almost like its cool to brag about it. It makes me so wild to think how reckless people can be with their lives.

Sorry but I lost my bestie to drugs and just wish people would realise how stupid they really are

I've experiemented, but i HATE HATE drugs! I was too young to see how screwed up i could of become. Now i'm older and responsible i see the life my brother has and how he'll never escape the hell. Its heartbreaking
People would be shocked because I was so straight growing up. I had quite a few drunken nights in my very early 20's, then I tried pot, had some bongs, hash cookies - didn't do much for me. Then I went through a few months of speed based ecstacy on weekends. I haven't toched any of it for years now, but let me tell you this... When taking ecstacy I had far mor control than when I was just drunk. I rarely drink now after doing ecstacy because alcohol does not have the same effect, makes me sleepy/groggy and sick the next day. Ecstacy didn't do any of that. I just got happy and chatty.
I do not like or condone drugs, but it did let me see that alcohol can be just as bad or worse.

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