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What are yout thoughts on the newest saga involving Kyle??

have a looksie here and listen to the audio

Personally after reading that and listening to the audio I think there is a massive media hype over nothing. Sure he asked the wrong question but the mother herself asked the same thing and was aware of the situation prior to the lie detector test.
I don't like him, never have, in fact I think he is getting what he has deserved for a long time. Karma bites.

He has been a time bomb just ticking away, something like this was bound to happen, IMO he doesn't help his situation and seems to be quite disrespectful with certain issues, he has always pushed things to the very limit, this time its just come back to get him and its probably more mild than other things he has done.

was Bubbagirlsmama

have to agree. The mother should be the one copping all this crap.

Yes, what he said afterwards was not good, but i think he was just stunned and that was the first thing that came to his head.

BUT, i DO think it was wrong to put a 14 year old girl on the show to ask about her sexual experience...
I think the mother is more the one to blame. She knew about the rape, so why would you take her on a lie detector & ask if she's ever had sex? Then after the girl announced it she said she meant 'other than that'.

Kyle's comment wasn't the best, but what was he supposed to do...they were shocked, then offered the girl help before closing the segment. I think they handled it pretty well...but really shouldn't have been asking a 14 year old that question anyway, it also could have led to statutory rape issues.


I think the mother is an absolute idiot. I think Kyle, Jackie O and the producers are all idiots. They should have thought it not appropriate to hook a 14 year old child up to a lie detecter.
From yesterday their show has been taken off air until investigations are done....I saw he has also just been sacked as an australian idol judge. Sure, he's a bit of a tosser, but i think the mdia is taking advantage of this to bag him out.


I am in Perth so not sure if I have the whole story. I think that mother is more to blame than anyone! She knew about the rape and still grilled her about her sex life on live radio??

No Way!

Kyle and Jackie were stupid doing a segment like that too but I havent heard much criticism of the mother ... scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I think the whole thing has been blown out of proportion. I feel for the girl in all of this and the situation her own mother put her in, I mean, what kind of mother does that??? She's not a mother's ar$ehole IMO. Yes Kyle's question was silly, but he was put on the spot and never expected this as the outcome. He certainly shouldn't have lost his job/s over it. What he should have done is gotten up the mother for being a complete drip.
The lie detector test is or should that be was a regular feature on their show. Sure Kyle is a tool Im definately not a fan but this has all been blown so far out of proportion its not funny.

The mother signed herself and the daughter up for the segment. The mother stated that she wanted to know whether her 14 year old was taking drugs and if she was sexually active which lets face it which parent wouldnt want to know these things if their child was sneaking out at night etc. BUT in saying that the mother knew the child had been raped and she was acting out surely the mother should have sought counselling for the child rather than trying to get her 5mins of fame on the Kyle and Jackie O show.
I think that is really cruel of the mother.. making her daughter having to admit that in listening ears of everyone would be awful.

Would have been an awful predicament for Kyle and Jackie.
[Edited on 04/08/2009]
Honestly!! She was 14 years old i think everyone is forgetting that. I cant believe this mother knew about it and still continued with it. Just for free tickets hmmm. People truly suprise me!

A 14 year old that gave consent and also had her parents consent to partake in the interview.
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