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My new tattoo...

There is meaning behind it.

My family are my life, the loves of my life!
They make each day brighter.
Hence the heart and stars ...
Very nice....

Gee, i wish i was game enough to get a tattoo...I want one but too scared to get one...


I'm not a fan of tattoos i think they all look like trash (no offence, each to there own). I could think of so many better ways to express my love for my family.

WOW nice, thats so brave getting your DH's name LOL.

I love Tattoos and have a few or so...

I know I will never leave DF but I would never get his name, you never know, I might change my mind LOL

I am all for childrens names though and will get both our babies tattooed once I have finished BF this next one.

was Bubbagirlsmama

Posted by: Beck_JaydenEllaBrody
I'm not a fan of tattoos i think they all look like trash (no offence, each to there own). I could think of so many better ways to express my love for my family.

Seriously? what a thing to say.

Ree it very nice and i like the way you expressed it your OWN way smile
That tattoo is great i love that its something you have come up with and its specific to you. No one else will have it. As for beck's comment that is just uncalled for not all tattoo's look trashy maybe just the ones you have seen, that tattoo in no way looks trashy.
yep ...tattoos can be trashy ...but it only says something abut the people you knock around with if you have only seen trashy tatts !!

that is beautiful and I abslutly love the meaning ...I think cause I know the meaning it makes it even more beautiful ..

how on earth can a persons babies name be Trashy for gods sake ???
Thanks Nae!! It was a massive thing for me to get df's name! Even if we ever break up, which I don't c happening, but even if we did I'd not get it removed or changed! I owe my life to my Df, he brought me back from the brink of suicide, among millions of other things... If I didn't have him in my life, I most likely wouldn't b here today, I wouldn't b who I am today and I wouldn't have my amazing babies!! I owe him my life, not that he sees it like that, but this is what he means to me!

Bec, I know u probably didn't mean any offence, but seriously, of u couldn't have said something nice, then y even reply?
How rude!
I'm not a big fan of tattoos either but I hardly think they are all trashy! Jesus. If I had my daughters name on my ankle or similar and you told me it looked trashy i'd snot ya. hard.

I think it looks nice smile] big! LOL! but nice.
Did it hurt?

Thanks Meika! And Frankie, THANKYOU!! Your words r very kind!! Katrina, yeah at first it hurt like mad at first and specially when the parts over the spine were being done, it hurt like mad!! But other then that it was pretty tolerable, lol
looks great!

i must be trash because i have 2 tattoos and looking forward to getting my next one.

I'd much rather be viewed as trash and live my life the way i want to, than by someone elses standards.
be proud of the way you choose to express yourself smile it looks great.
Wow! I love it!! I used to work in a tattoo shop and that is GREAT quality!! AWESOME! Well done, right where you got that done, is one of the most painful spots to get it done! WOO!

And to the tool who came in and said tatts are trashy, how the hell are they trashy? This is coming from someone who's husband lets them get their boobs out to get money off electrical goods......... Hmmmmm nuff said.........
[Edited on 04/08/2009]
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