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Lookie what I did!!! Rss

Thank you very much!
Posted by: jadeNangus

And to the tool who came in and said tatts are trashy, how the hell are they trashy? This is coming from someone who's husband lets them get their boobs out to get money off electrical goods......... Hmmmmm nuff said.........

LMGDAO! Pure gold and oh so true!

Awesome tatt! I am off to get number 7 this Friday! They really are an addiction!
Looks very nice!

I want to get a tat...something to symbolise my kids but I haven't worked out what yet.
u will know when u see it.. they are a bit like an addiction arent they??
Wow, that looks awesome. I think you're so brave to have something so big done! I have a little butterfly on my ankle, but I'd love to get DH's name somewhere as a surprise for our anniversary, I just don't know where to put it!
perhaps in the same place as the other tattoo, on the opposite ankle... Thats what I did. I got my second one in the same place as my first one only up further on my back, so they are kinda in line with each other... or u could go somewhere like lower back but just on one side down near ur bum - like some where personal, um otherwise, ur shoulder area... although ive been told that hurts....

its really not that big, and as someone else said, they do stop quite often to refill the ink, so its not like its constant... lol...
i like it!

like sweetpeas said, i too am waiting till i finish BF and them BAM tatoo my ar se lmao. well, feet actually, but meh

Do u already have one luce?
it's much too bold for me however i LOVE it as it has beautiful meaning behind it

when i work up the guts and find the right design i would love to get something done to represent the kids. i was thinking a vine and each leaf representing a child each with their name on it.
Luce has one on her right breast... or was it her left... I'm going to have to see them again Lucia as I'm beginning to forget
Hi Casey!

I am sure you will have no problem checking out the Mrs Boobies, she is quite happy to flash them at anyone who will look!!!!
I love it! Way bigger than what I'd dream of getting but that's just me...

For those that have tatts on their ankles, does it hurt as much as getting your ankles waxed? That's always the worst bit for me & I'm CHICKEN! I want DS name on my left ankle but am too scared!
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