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I actually like Beck... Lock Rss

and agree with most things she says.

Sometimes I read another persons thread and think "that person is a" or "that looks ugly" but can't be bothered replying. Beck just says it how I think so meh.
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hmmm Ive not been a fan since she said a certain member on here had herself to blame for the babies she had lost

Not a fan either really for many reasons including the above. I am also not a fan of "I LOVE SUCH AND SUCH" Threads.

What I am a fan of though is that PHOTO. Absolutely stunningly gorgeous!!

was Bubbagirlsmama

Sorry Double... erros
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was Bubbagirlsmama

thankyou! i like it but a bit biased lol

I am going to admit that sometimes I think she can be quite witty ....but I am certaily not a fan at all !!

we all think negative thoughts from time to time ...we ALL do ..but the diffrence is we dont voice our negative opinions when someone is already down ..she does !

except for now ..I am doing it now lol lol lol...but she can give as good as she getts !!
Posted by: noah06*india09
thankyou! i like it but a bit biased lol
you do have the nack of making extreemly good looking kids !! lol lol
Thanks Lisa.. I dont know you but i really appreciate that not everyone hates me on here!!

noah06*india09- You love pulling that thread out of the woodwork dont you!! Kinda sad that you remember a specific thread from about 18months ago... but obviously u dont have much more important things to store in your brain!! Also.. u took that completely out of context as there was 2 sides to that arguement.... and I have since apologised to that 'certain' member!!

it was 6 months ago Bec as I was pregnat with Grace at the time !!

and what other side was there ???
lol Beck maybe i shouldnt have brought it up i cant help it thats the point you completely lost all my respect

and yes thats what comes to mind when I hear people whinging about you yet again

i do remember the "2 sides to the argument" and no i havent taken it out of context

there is some lines that just shouldnt be crossed, apology or not. dont say it in the first place and you wont need to apologise lol.

there i will refrain from referring to it again smile

and will go fill my brain with more important things lmao

NO!! It was NOT 6 months ago... I was JUST pregnant with Brody as that was the only time I was reading threads like that!! It was also when we were living in our old house... which we moved out of about a year ago...

I don't know her but have been reading all the treads and replies
I think it's silly to be putting someone down ( going both ways)
but also there is a differnce from " saying it how it is" and just plan old
being mean and saying tattoos look trashy in a tread were someone
is showing one off is mean?? Maybe you shouldn't have said anything in that
particular tread?? Also saying you don't like someone while they are reading it
is also mean??

We are here to surrport eachother not put eachother down!!

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