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TENS.. labour. opinions etc please! Rss

Hi ladies.

I just heard about TENS today for use during labour.
I was interested to know if anyone here has used it or knows a story of someone who has.
Any opinions from someone who has researched this etc are more then welcome too. thank you.

I used a TENS with my first labour and found it really good for the start when the niggly pains were there, but as labour intensified it annoyed me. I wanted the freedom of a bare back so I could go into the shower when I wanted and Hubby to rub the back non stop! But definately good for the start! If you can use one from the hospital see if they will let you have a trial run to see what it feels like.

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I never got the chance to try one out so I can't comment on what they are like, but a few of my friends said that it didn't really help them in labour it's self but it did help with before & after pains such as back ache at the end of yoru pregnancy and tummy pains after birth
you can now hire tens machines from if your insterested

I agree with the pp - I was all set to use it with DS1's labour. It didnt help me at all in regards to labour pain, and almost made me feel like I was claustrophobic? Who knows why, but I remember ripping it off and throwing it at my DH! lol smile
I tried it, and found it mostly annoying. But if you're keen for a drug-free birth, and you can hire/borrow one (I hired mine from a local pharmacy), then you might as well give it a go, you never know it may work for you, and keep you home through enough of the labour that you don't need drugs for the pain-relief.
thanks heaps for the replies so far! smile
I do want a completely drug free labour, so was hoping this might help me a little.
I will be on and off monitoring machines due to having a VBAC so shower or bath wont be an option anyway.
but hmmm i just dont know hehe only about $65 to hire it for 5 weeks though so not all that big cost! i wonder if it has worked really well for anyone.
please keep the replies coming!

bump, for anyone else to see. smile

I used a TENS machine for the labour of my first DS and I loved it!!!! It helped me so much, My waters got broken at 10 am and i put it on straight away just to have it there for when my contractions started, the feeling of it was weird at first but i soon got used to it and was able to put it higher or lower whenever I wanted to, by about 2pm the sensations started feeling weird because it was on its highest setting and it felt like my back was a bit tender but i then decided to get in the bath and once I had it off I wanted it back on but got into the bath instead, I would say give it a go because having it on made me not have any pain relief for the first 9 hrs of my labour (I had a epidural at 7pm)

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