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I had to go docs yesterday to be put on a bag of fluids, and the doc ended up prescribing me stemtil for the vomitting. He said it was a Category C drug which means it hasnt been tested as much as the other pregnancy drugs, hasnt been proven to cause problems with the baby, but hasnt been proven to be 100% safe either. I was abit concerned, I took one to see if it helps, but it didnt anyway.
Anyway, my question is, would you take it even though it hasnt been tested as well as others?
I was prescrbed it aswell and it did nothing for me so I stopped taking it. I did accupuncture and although it did not work wonders on me it gave me a few days of respite.

I took stemetil the whole pregnancy with Judd and looks like I'll be taking it the whole of this pregnancy too. Judd's a happy healthy boy so no sideeffects here - only that he was a huge 9lb8oz bubby born lol!

Have they tried you on metaclopramide (Maxalon). This drug is used commonly in pregnancy for nausea and vomiting? Just confused as to why they would choose stemetil as first line treatment if this is the case.
Maxalon doesnt do a thing for pregnant women! I would'nt recommend it in the slightest..

As for taking the non tested drug, my answer would be no (but i have a history of m/c's) if it were a bit higher in the list say category B1, i'd think about it, but not C...

If ur worried about it and it doesnt seem to be working, i wouldnt take it anymore..
Neither Stemetil nor Maxalon worked for me. I was put on Zofram (Category cool and my DD was born perfectly. She is now 3 and there have been no problems at all.

if its for morning sickness somac helped me alot, i was on it for reflux before having kids. then again while pregnant. its in the same catergory i think. it was one below panadol
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