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Ideas needed please.. *sad topic* Lock Rss

.............Please don't read if easily upset...............

DF's cousins wife gave birth to a baby boy yesterday, but sadly he was born sleeping. My heart just aches for them, and I am trying to think of something I could do for them, but have no ideas apart from flowers.. So anyone.. ideas?
SOrry to hear this - how terrible for them.

Maybe you could cook them a meal - something hot and hearty and comforting. I know there is scant comfort to be found for them in anything right now, but it lets them know they're foremost in your thoughts and it helps them out a little. Just drop it off to them with a note or card or something.
I think this is a lovely idea, you'd have to speak to them about it obviously but if you wanted too maybe you could offer to pay, or help them organise it if it is something they would want to do.. I know if something like that ever happened to me (god forbid!) I think this would really help.

What about a dinner and movies voucher? Im sure there would be a day that they would love to just get away by themselves and have a nice meal and watch a movie??

Such horrible news. My thoughts are with you and your family.

i am not sure how your friend is but my friend who went through something similiar was very upset that she got lots of sympathy cards but noone ackowlege she had given birth to her baby

but all you can really do is be there for them

Thanks for the ideas. The necklaces are beautiful..
i'm thinking now maybe a photo frame for the baby (maybe to put a scan pic in?)..
Sorry to hear about thier loss. Im not sure what happens when a loss happens.but do they get a wrist band, name cot thing like u normally do if so maybe a little keep sake box jewerly size that over the yrs the mum could write to him.
put photos of him in it things like that.

once again Im sorry for thier loss

My cousins daughter was also born sleeping.... this was around 3 years now. The hospital allowed them to bath and dress her in clothing of their choice. They all had photos with her and lots and lots of cuddles, they had a good 4 hours with her before they handed her back to the hospital staff.

The photo frame is probably a good idea. Maybe a little angel ornament or crystal type thing, something to celebrate the birth that they can keep as a keepsake.

Big hugs to them, what an awful thing to happen.

Is OVER rude people

An angel charm she could put on a bracelt or necklace to keep him close to her all the time.
Maybe you could offer to pay for the babys hand/foot to be cast in clay/bronze as a keepsake for them. Sorry for your familys loss sad

you could get something like this done

So sad news to hear that someone lost their baby.
The only thing i can think of is just being their for them and maybe giving her a locket with some type of photo.
Rest in Peace little angel.

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