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Confessions or secrets?? Lock Rss

Big hugs to you mumsie2. sounds like you are feeling down tonight. I know how you feel. ((((GBH))))

oh my god it posted a million times!!! embarrassing!!!
Sorry love. I thought you did it on purpose and that it was a cry for help.... glad it was just the errors!

oh my god it posted a million times!!! embarrassing!!!
Posted by: 2_Sweetpeas
Sorry love. I thought you did it on purpose and that it was a cry for help.... glad it was just the errors!

lol not quite, just admitting it to someone for a change rather than pretending im normal lol
lol i was thiniking to myself i hope she realises how many times its posted, else youll get warned about flooding boards lol... mods like to find things you do wrong haha oopsies... weve all done it thou

I used to smoke weed all the time. I started when I was 18 and stopped when I found out I was pregnant I was 25 then.

i will admit that
i hate myself and if it werent for my kids i wouldnt be here
i have feelings for ds father, and not for my dp
the tv is always on at my house
my ds doesnt eat enough fruit or meat
i shop too much and spend too much money
i have never wanted to get married
i am jealous of skinny people
i smack
i yell

i also have no friends
i think all the mums at playgroup are bitches
i detest MIL so much she makes me feel like vomiting
i check my kids at least twice a night every night
DS (2.5) still has a bottle to go to bed and his dummy when he sooks for it
i have way too many of these to get off my chest but this is making me feel better

wow. i havent been on huggies in SO long, this thread is AWESOME-well done to whoever started it.
If i didn't know so many people on here and they werent linked onto my facebook account-id admit so much more, but im gonna get some stuff off my chest anyway...

-i just lost 13kgs on lite n easy-but a lot of it came off due to living on nicotine and cafeine for a few weeks straight

-i suck at being a wife-most of the time i hate my husband with a passion and regret knowing that im gonna spend the rest of my life with him

-i admit my husband is selfish, thinks his helpful but his not, indecisive and has put on so much weight that it makes me feel sick

-i admit that after ttc for a yr and a half, im ready to pull the plug and say **** having kids-dh will probably ruin my life more than he already has if i have a baby

-i gorge on food at 3am when noone is watching

-i wish i was having a hot steamy affair and someone made me feel special like i used to feel back in the day

-i want to lose even more weight because it makes me feel in control of my own life for once

-im a doormat and dont know how to say no to anyone or anything

-im selfish and love myself and can be pretty stuck up when need be

-i hate everyone besides a few exceptions on most days of my life

-i love my dog more than i love my husband

-i hate my neices and nephews when im near them and am scared of their shrieking little voices and how annoying they can be and wish they would leave me alone most of the time

-i constantly wonder how i could disapear without a trace, and still live a normal happy life

OMG i cant belive i just admitted all that-i may have to delete this before someone that knows me reads it-to all the girls on huggies that are on my facebook-please dont ever repeat this, and i have never been so negative on here before either!
I say FFS atleast a dozen times a day.

*pulls sheepish face and buggers off*

I confess that:

* I drive WAY too fast.

* I get really cranky when the girls waste food (or make me cook them something and they dont eat it).

* I Hate my ex for making me feel guilty for disrupting my girls life by separating.

* I hate the way my girls come home from their fathers but i am too scared to say anything to him.

* I really dont like living with my parents but struggle to save money to leave.

* I feel guilty for putting DD back in pull ups and feel pressure to TT her (she is not yet 3)

* I wish i could have more than 24 hours off from being a parent each week.

* I stay up too late and then complain i am tired during the day.

* I wish i could lose the last 8 kilos that i want to but still eat rubbish sometimes and then get dirty on myself for not putting in more effort.

* I wish my kids would sit and watch a movie!

* I eat cooking chocolate when i am desperate for choc.

* I text and drive too often.

* I stress too much about the small stuff.

* I often put too much pressure on myself to be "perfect" even though i know i am so far from it.

* I fear i will never be find anyone that will want to OR be able to take on myself and my girls full time.

* I fall in love too easy.

* I trust to easily.

Hrmm....think thats it!
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