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chores for a 4yo?? Lock Rss

too young?
any ideas?
was thinking for pocket money as she is a little spoilt and I think needs to learn the value of money.

I've got -
feed animals, set table, tidy room/lounge....
Wiping the table over after mealtimes.

Folding some of the washing (my girls like to help fold the washers and put them and the towels away with my help)

Emu parade for cleaning up outside in the yard.

My girls can be hit and miss with their 'help' and don't have a set list of tasks but they know they have to help Mummy when she asks them to do something and that being part of a family means everyone pitches in.

DD aged 2 is the most helpful of my kids, she will struggle to carry in a grocery bag from the car and look out if you try to stop her,lol. She races her sisters to try and beat them to get whatever I have asked them for,lol.

With teaching the value of money, I love using toy and food catalogues! DD's will ask for things and we can see how much money they have and see how they can't afford this and about how much they really want something etc.

At four it is normal to not have the concept of the value of things or to be worried about it. Mum and Dad have a money tree out the backyard...don't they? lol

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My 4yo who is lazy at the best of times... has a few chores and are ones he is interested in. He takes out the recycling and puts it into the big recycling bin. He also wheels the bins in once the rubbish has been collected. He also collects the mail.

He will also help me bring the groceries in and also put his socks and undies away in his drawers. He doesn't get pocket money as such but we are starting him off helping out... we will start pocket money when he starts school.

My little boy is 22 mths and he hs little things he has to do, like put his plate ot cup in the stink put nappies in the bin etc. Clothes away he deosn't do it to well but he is on the track i dont think them as chorse just helping te family out!!

Wehave a point system 1 to 6 so if he has been a reall good boy ad stays in bed at night he gets a poing for that day, n then come sunday if he ison 6 we go and feed the ducks or something he enjoys or gets a little girt.

Sarah xxx
My 4yo makes her bed every morning.
She tidys the playroom with the help of her sis & bro.
puts the cutlery away (not sharp knives obviously)
Helps put her washing away
enjoys wiping down coffee & dining tables.
Unpacks her own preschool bag everyday.
My dd is 3 and half and i get her tp put things away thatys about it.. like the toys in the toy room her shoes away and put things in the sink..
I think I am a bit of a tight arse...
I see most of the pp's chores as normal parts of family life. We all help out as we are a family - and shouldn't expect to be paid for it IYKWIM.
Things like taking your dishes out after a meal, setting table, cleaning away the toys etc are things that should be taught as part as normal daily life - not something only done to get money. That is just my opinion

Not sure if I wrote that the best way - I hope you know what I mean.
I agree with Ricki. My DD doesnt get pocket money for her 'chores' its just stuff she has to help with being a part of this family. DS has his own daily stuff he has to do but has extras he can do for pocket money cause hes a lot older than DD>
We dont give DD pocket money, but it is her job to take out our recycling, and put it in 'the bin with the yellow lid'. She enjoys having a bit of responsibilty I think.

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