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Help please. re VBAC thank you Rss

with DD I had an emergency C-section, she was breech.
i had 4 midwives feel what position she was in over the 2 weeks leading up to when she was due and all of them said she was head down . i KNEW they were wrong and when i had a midwife leave and got a new one i told her she HAD to send me for a scan.
she did and i was right, obviously.
I would like to know if it is routine to be sent for a late scan to check position after first bub being breech.

bump, seeming no one else was on when i posted hehe

Hey there!

My DS was a c/s too because of breech presentation. It was not an emergency c/s although they didn't pick it up until I was 36/37 weeks.

Not sure if its routine to do a scan to check for being breech, but I will certainly be making sure that the midwives get an eye on this ones positioning.

I am however booked in for a scan at 36 weeks because I want a VBAC. The scan is to check the size of bubs (wont let me try for a VBAC if its too big) and to check my c/s scar to make sure its not too thin.

I'd be asking the midwives to do a few extra checks on positioning in the last 6 weeks or so. You can always ask for a scan - they might do it considering your last experience!

Good luck!

Thanks McMum!!

I don't see my midwife again for 2 weeks and I just wonder all these things to myself and wish i could ask NOW! hehe
If that is a routine type thing at your hospital, maybe a good chance it will be for me too. But I will definitely ask, but it puts my mind a little at ease!
My ob/midwife and I haven't really talked about the 'end' of all of this at all, but I will be pushing to know everything from here on in! hehe.
And by the way it was emergency because I was in having a monitor checkup 2 days after they finally checked if she was breech and I went into labour while being monitored.. wasn't booked to discuss my c-section til the next day hehe. smile She was 3 weeks early and 6lb9oz.

I know how you feel. Im anxious and curious to get to the end of this pregnancy to see what position bub is in. I really want a VBAC. Im seeing my midwife at 2.30pm this afternoon so I'll ask her about the process and let you know what she says. I now bubs can still move around a lot at this stage but Im hoping she can check today and tell me if its head down yet??

Your DD had good timing - she knew when she'd get the most attention LOL! Our stories are similar. I was booked in for my c/s 2 days after my due date and I went into labour the day before so mine had to be done earlier too! LOL!

I am also hoping to have a VBAC with this bubs.. I had a elective C sec because babies were transverse.. I am hoping that this time round it will go head down!! I am also hoping that they check properly before i go into labour or whatever happens.
My first baby was elective c-section as he was breeched found out at 37 weeks pregnant.Second baby was VBAC and midwives did an ultrasound at 37 weeks to make sure she wasnt breched,she was head down.But i do recall when i went into labour they did another quick check with ultra sound too be sure she was head down and she still was.With baby 3 i knew he was breeched but doc saying no hes head down ,so at 39weeks preg went to my gp and ask her what she thought and she also believe he was in a breech position so she rang the hospital saying i needed an ultra sound too check baby's position.I went in that afternoon and of course i was right he was breeched.They booked for c-section for 3 days later.
Proud Mum - I had my midwives appt and asked her about the process etc.

She said they will continue to check that bubs is head down at each appointment, however, they don't concern themselves with anything until 36 weeks because baby can still move. She said I will have to see a doctor at 36 weeks for them to double check on the positioning. If they suspect breech then I will be sent for an ultrasound (but I'll be having a scan anyway to check for size).

She checked today and at this stage this bub is head down. Its a bit of a relief, but as she said, Im not getting my hopes up yet because I've still got sooooo long to go!

Thanks heaps for the replies, you put this mummy at ease! smile

I am certain he is head down most of the time, especially because of where I get the kicks. But that's right he can still move so much in the next 10 weeks, so hopefully my ob agrees to a u.s close to my due date.

Thank again smile

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