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your best wishes please, stories welcome. Rss

A friend of mine has gone in this monring for a c-section at 34 weeks.
Her baby has been monitored the last few weeks and another scan was done yesterday and confirmed her daughter is still measuring as 29 weeks. (was the same or similar 2 weeks ago).

I don't know what this means really. I am so worried about her and bubs!
Does anyone know what this could mean? It is likely that her bub will have to stay in hospital a while, yes?

ohhh I just want to give her a big hug. I just keep hoping and wishing that the baby is delivered and is found to be fine and 34 weeks gestation! But i know the doctors have been monitoring so much, I just want them to be wrong!

oh no wishes for your friend !! ..Grace was always smaller then my mesaured amount of weeks I would say that born at 34 weeks I should imagane that she would have to stay in hosptial at least till bubs put on some weight and was prooving that he/she can reach milestones !!

I am sure she is in good hands ...keep us updated as to how she gos hey ??
one of my friends has 2 children who are now 17 & 12 who were both delivered by c section at about that gestation(or earlier) I dont remember much about it now but the younger one, a girl, was the size of a can of drink when born she was not even 1 kg at birth.They were concrened about her eyesight but she has developed into a healthy bright child. Wishing yiyr friend all the best.And technolgy etc must be much better now than when my friend was going thru it.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

thanks for our stories and as soon as i know anything i will keep you updated. but your stories have really helped.

I had twins at 34 weeks

They stayed in hospital for 2 weeks & the only thing they needed was glucose drip for 3 days & Elisha needed to be under the heat lamps for a few days

I also had to establish breast feeding

Hi I had twins at 34 weeks too but my little one stopped growing at 28 weeks. Both stayed in special care for 4 weeks and the smaller twin was on a drip for about 10 days. I had to try to get milk for her as she was not tolerating any formula. Your friend's baby will have a corrected age of 6 weeks but from my own experience I found that this was ok for my bigger twin but for the one that was 28 weeks size we really have to put milestones back the 12 weeks.
Best wishes for your friend.
My cousins kids were born at 26 and 30 wks. They both had to stay in hospital until closer to their due dates but are now very healthy 1 and 4yr olds.

she hasn't seen her baby yet but she was born weighing 1.8kgs and are both said to be doing well.
i am SOOOO relieved and happy for her. grin

Great news!!

My neice was born via c-section at 32wks gestation but had stopped growing at 28wks as mum's placenta had deteriorated and wasn't functioning properly. Neice was only just over 1kg when she was born and so small that she fitted in the palm of DP's hand ...her head was at his fingertips and her tiny little feet just reached the inside of his wrist. She was in hospital for 6wks and was so tiny for ages that SIL had to buy doll's clothes to fit her cos there wasn't any of the tiny premmie clothes on the market like there is nowadays.

My niece is now a happy healthy 16yr old and unless you knew she was a premmie there's no way you could tell.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Glad to hear it all went well.. at 34 weeks bubs should be fine.. 1.8 kilos is not a bad size really.
Congratulations to your friend.
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