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Does anyone know where to find a brain teaser puzzle? Lock Rss

For DH's fathers day i'm looking for a brain teaser puzzle you know like that ones where you have to unhook the 2 pieces or get the ring off the rope etc.. He loves them and is pretty good at them but i am having trouble finding any.
Try a game shop they have heaps of things in those places, should be able to find something like that.

I've seen them at the local post office. Also a boutique toy shop or toyworld.

If you want me to have a squiz I can make a phonecall to a shop next week and give you their details to contact them and organise yourself.
Thanks for your suggestions.. We don't have much of a games shop here.. But i might go have a look at toyworld etc.. I've seen a few on ebay but they are from other countries then you have to think about Customs as WA customs are pretty strict and it might end up costing a lot to get it through. We've been caught a few times before.
The national geographic store sometimes has stuff like that. Maybe check the website to see if there are any stores near you.

Is OVER rude people

Socrates has heaps of that sort of stuff . , they have stores all around Australia just a matter of finding one near you

I got quite a few metal/stainless steel? ones for DP from the Reject Shop, from memory they were only about $5 each so maybe you could try there if you have one near you.

Goodluck smile]

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