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Can you name... Lock Rss

can you name the worst gift(s) you ever received?

My mum gave me kitchen tongs for my bday last year, WTF??????
My best friend gave us an ironing board for our wedding!!!!!

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

DH's grandma gave me a leather bag for Christmas one year. It wasn't a bad bag but when I got it home and had a better look at it I found used tissues and lippies in the pockets. Yep I was the proud owner of a recycled present.
My grandma gave Merinda a travel size ironing board for christmas last year, she had it sitting in her cupboard for about 10 years.....poor Merinda didnt know what to do with it.

My friends grandma gave me and some other friends a box of tissues and soap one year, however she was in early stages of dementia..........

I've been given sheets for DDs bed. Yes, we needed new ones, but not as a present to me.

We've also been given pool filter bags once-we don't have a pool. (In all honesty though, I think the sender bought it for themself and accidentally put it in with our presents.)
MIL gave us a trolley thingo for the washing basket for our engagement present. We already had one. Don't need two. Thanks though. Odd.

One Christmas my nan gave Dad NOTHING - yes his own mother. Then she handed my mum her present - a knife. Hmmmm.

My MIL once gave me a second hand plastic hat rack that was 3 elephant heads in a row with trunks upwards. It broke before we could mount it on the wall. Might have been something to do with it dropping on the cement laundry floor.

The same year she gave me a $2 twirly thing (price on box)that was a coppery colour - sometimes you see them out the front of Red Dot.
The first Christmas that my niece bought her own gifts for us my sister and I received a roll of green rope. She was 9 and has never been allowed to live it down.
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One Christmas my nan gave Dad NOTHING - yes his own mother. Then she handed my mum her present - a knife. Hmmmm.

DF only ever gets a card for birthdays and Christmas and this year his mum sent a package on his birthday but it was for DD.

Worst I’ve ever got is just about everything my Grandma buys me, I love her dearly but she shops at $2.00 shops and she is not poor. Last year I received a doll that you can pin your earrings to... I don't even wear earrings! My uncle also gave me an empty perfume bottle that same day. My 18th was also pretty bad, not one present from my friends was for me specifically all stuff for DD or blank scrapbooks and scrapbook looking photo frames.
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You know what Kylie, I don't think I can top kitchen tongs LOL

My Gran was great for giving funny presents but only really to my mum LOL One year mum got a 3 pack of blank videos from gran for Christmas, bloody funny from my point of view but mum was not well pleased.

For my 18th, both my parents FORGOT, remembered the next day!!!!!!!!!!! I thought they must have been throwing me a suprise party. LOL.

Actually it really hurt me sad

Mr Reed born 20/1/2010. Too cute smile

My sister got given a thimble by her in-laws one year. Yes you read that right - a thimble. We still have no idea why.

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