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Can you name... Lock Rss

oh when I was about 10 my auntie gave me a black knitted vest with a sequined fish on the front. it smelled of op-shop and still had a little red vinnies tag attached ($3.00) and it was the most atrocious looking thing ever.

Oh its funyn but sad reading them

one year DP brought me for xmas a Book about all different breads of dogs have no idea
When i was in year 4 ( a very long time ago) my great grandma who was in her 80s, gave me a Judy Blume book.
I cannot remember the name of it, but it certainly was Fudge!
It was one for the teenagers which talked about "wet dreams" and the dreaded word "penis"!!!
I remember asking mum what a wet dream was and my grandmas book was confiscated. i then found it and asked my older sister and her friends...

the year my DD was mum got me NOTHING. i know i shouldn't care, and i know our birthdays are close so she was all excited about DD, and i am an adult....but i really love my mum and i really wanted to be recognised as me that year...not a i was really looking forward to my present, and my mum buys the best things!
That same year, for xmas (only 1 month after the birthday)...ALL kitchen things from DH and MIL. They were great in that they are used all the time BUT...i just wanted something special for ME.

I think the meaning of the present made them such horrible presents, not so much the item itself. (Or the meaning of what i wanted!)
My Aunt is chronic for buying CRAP presents. I have had a dinosaur money box (when I was 16 - common!) and a peg doll knitting thing when I was 18! I wonder sometimes?!

Oh forgot to add - my entire family and my DH forgot my 21st!
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I have posted this before but it remains my worst present!

For christmas I received from DHs family a packet of pegs! Lovely. I still have them, unopened. I can't bear to use them. LOL.

I havent recieved any crap pressies. my parents and DH dont buy anything for me cause they dont know what i like, so they just give me the money and i go shopping or they take me shopping and tell me to pick out what i want and they pay. (lazy gits).

My mum always gets strange pressies of my dad for b'day or xmas - like on her b'day last year, he gave her a new set of mower blades for the lawn mower, for xmas he gave her a brand new set of kitchen pots/pans. all great pressies and usable but only useable to my dad!lol lol

I cant think of anything besides a sparkly diary I got from nanna for my 18th, but some of the things my dad gets my mum are funny as, poor mum, things I can him getting are A second hand oven from the under $100 section of the paper, it was brown, A new toilet, a mulcher and this year he topped all of them and brought her a rotary hoe three weeks after her birthday.
A kangaroo skin wallet, with stench and all of the fur, so it was essentially turned inside out; garrgh, it still makes my stomach turn.

The perfect gift for a vegan.

It was sooo hard not to throw it across the room, and act like it was Awesome and Fab n stuff. DH still gets the giggles about that one.
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dont want to sound ungreatfull but Hubby is the worst gift giver he really is ! !Lol lol

for my 21st he bought me a fish bowl and 3 gold fish ...thanks ..I think !! lol lol

for our very first valentines day he bought me an electric frypan ...oh so romantic !! lol lol ll ..the next year for valentines day he got the windows on my car tinted cause he had a free voucher cause he had his done !! ...not the romantic type my old man !! lol lol

I think the worst was my mum sent me $20 for my 18th and told me to buy myself some flowers !!
For my 21st my bf at the time wrote me a letter. hmmmm sweet.

One christmas dp borrowed $1500 off me and then i got nothing for christmas.

One year I bought him a playstation and he got me an electric toothbrush. Fair swap?

a cental locking kit for my car that DF wanted lol.. it doesnt work properly.. lol...

i hate the thing. i still need to use the key to unlock it hahaha

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For my 18th, both my parents FORGOT, remembered the next day!!!!!!!!!!! I thought they must have been throwing me a suprise party. LOL.

Actually it really hurt me sad

My mum never called me last year on my 21st b'day cause of some petty fight we had like 2 weeks earlier.. I'm really close to my mum and it does really hurt!!

But the worst present i've got was probably from my husband... it was my very first mothers day and he bought me a fishtank stand.... FOR HIS FISHTANK!!! (he thought i would like it cause i always whinged about it being on my chest of drawers).

I then had to varnish it!

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