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Who uses Family Day Care? Lock Rss

What are your pros and cons? It would be for 2 days per week for a 3yo boy.

I use family daycare for my 3yo Daughter. She loves it and I do too.
Half the price of Child Care espically if you work less then 8hrs a day.
Family environment which makes it much more appealing to my daughter as she hated being left at childcare.
Less kids to catch germs from.
It's the same carer for your child everyime they go.

I really don't have any cons at all. We've tried both Childcare and Family now an I will never go back.
Only Con is you need to make sure you get a good vibe from the career and your child does too. As you wanna make sure it's a safe environment.
My son doesn't go to one but we know alot of people who send their kids to Family Day Care.
I don't know what the pros are but I don't like the fact that they take kids out and about. I actually hate it.
Great, thank you! Does your carer take the kids on outings? That's the bit that scares me!

DS was full time at daycare from 11 months old till June this year, and now that he is home, he HATES going to daycare the one day that I work. He's fine once he gets there but trying to get him there just breaks my heart. I think it's the not being home thing so thought if he was in a home environment, he would be happier.
No my Carer doesn't take the kids anywhere.
If they do want to they have to have signed permission from every parent before hand an if one says no well then they can't.
Thank you very much for your help! And your daughter is gorgeous by the way!

Any more opinions from anyone??
My youngest goes to Family daycare 2 times a week. She absolutly loves it! She loves her carer and I know that her carer loves her just as much. DD has been taken "out and about", but only twice and it was to attend a big playgroup type of thing for all the carers in our town. I signed the form and it was all explained very well. I am actually getting abit sad, as of next year my DD is ready for pre school, so will be leaving our carer. She has been around for all of DD's ife, as my older DD was goig to a centre where she worked when I was pregnant.
I dont really have any cons. But there are soem carers out there that dont do it properly, but you would be able to see that straight up. But all in all, I say they are great!

Oh good, I'm glad they need permission to take them out and it's not a regular thing. I just have visions of him running off somewhere and the carer not realising! I'd be happy for playgroup, but not to friends houses or anything like that! I've just rung the council and they're sending out info and I'm meeting with them next week.
I'm glad it's not every family Day care. The one here seems abit odd. She ALWAYS takes the kids out and as far as I know the parents don't sign anything.
I love the fact that they go on outings. My mum does family day care and takes the kids to playgroup, play centre (once a month), parks, the library and sometimes to another carer's house. They've even gone on train and bus rides a couple of times. All with permission of course. I think it would be boring staying at home every day. Of course she does craft,stories, singing, outside play etc with them, but sometimes they just need a change of scene.
My DD goes to FDC one day a week and LOVES it. She's never been in childcare though so I have no comparison... but her carer is fabulous. She does take the kids out, but the day that DD goes is the FDC play group day, so she takes them there. She's only once taken her anywhere else, and that was only because DD was the only one there that day.

I love it though!

Thanks! It's not the actual fact that they can take them out, just where they can go. The website I looked up said they take them to do the groceries, to appointments and to other friends houses (as well as other things), which makes me the most uncomfortable. I've agreed to leave my child in their care, not to have them go and coffee with whichever friend they like as well. More than happy for the outings you name Yeahie, but not things like I've mentioned. Though maybe I'll feel differently when (if) I've chosen a carer. Does that make sense?
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