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toyroom flooring... Lock Rss

what would you put down?

its under the house, bare slightly unlevel concrete and get occasional water thru from heavy rain. ( we are fixing this but flash flood rain goes under still)

most of the walls are fibro, however one section between posts for the door wil be pool fencing for easy viewing and access to kids. rather than wooden doors blocking it off.

lino would be good! cork is good but easily damaged so ignore that.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

i thought line would get damaged if on bare concrete? or would they just fill the joins with a gap filler? its mostly level, except one square which is about 1cm higher than the rest. but its in the far corner, so that isnt too bad lol

wonder if i could do lino myself? can you buy the plastic welding stuff?

What about polished concrete?

I would think even lino would get damaged in flash flooding circumstances - I'm no expert though.

I'd go for lino for easy care. Otherwise if it's prone to flooding how about just a big carpet square on the concrete then you can roll it up and take it out during flood time? could do the same with lino and depending on the size of the room maybe half and half, lino where the playdough, paint and messy stuff is and carpet to sit on and play cars, dolls etc.

yeah the water under it doesnt happen often, have had none this year, last year when all the wild weather was about we had run thru, i think mostly from the downpipe rushing so fast lol.

it will have 2 house posts in the centre of the room, its about 20m long, and a good 7m wide!

see i wanted seamless flooring, but at almost 2 500 we just cant afford it, not while saving for ivf anyway

I would do polished concrete smile
what exactly IS polished concrete? will they use the existing slabs? and what happens with the joins? the entire area is made up of about 8 smaller slabs

Not 100% sure Amy. I've seen polished concrete done with one big slab and I think it looks really modern, not to mention child friendly when it comes to keeping clean etc particularly for a rumpus room

If the area is made of 8 smaller slabs than my guess is they would need to cover the entire area to make a smooth surface, than they polish and laquer the concrete from there!
hmm i might see if anyone in town does it, i googled it, and saw some amazing photos where they put colour into it lol. that would be great!

wonder what the prices would be worth?

Yep I agree I really like the look of it too ... plus it is super practical with kids smile
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