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Was a mission and my kitchen looks like a warzone but it's DONE! 5 hours later lol i had to do it all free hand

cake 1

cake 2 and probably a better picture

think i might take a break before making more party food
Wow, that is so good, a job well done.
Wow that is so good Nae! Heaps better then my ladybug that didnt get eaten lol

thanks girls smile

Catie are you serious!! I bet it looked really good... did you put a photo up in our thread? im going to go look lol
Wow!!!! That looks soooooo good!! No way I am posting pics when
I make cohens cake lol!!!

Nah no pic yet, I only just got home and I am too tired to do anything technical besides play farmtown lol

You did a great job. Did it taste yummy cause it looks yummy.

Wow! You did an awesome job! Well done
Wow Nae that is amazing!!! Well done you've done an awesome job smile]

Wow, that's gorgeous Denae, great job!

Catie I made a train cake for Coen when he was little, it took hours and I think I was the only one that ate any! All the kids wanted to do was run around and play. I've found any time I had a party for the kids I always worried that there wasn't enough food but always ended up throwing half of it out because it didn't get eaten.

OMG That looks Fantastic Denae smile]

You have done an amazing job smile]

that looks absolutely FANTASTIC well done! what a great job!

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