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3 Month Old Not eating and sleeping heaps Lock Rss

Hi all,

well my little bundle is now 3months and 2 weeks old! Time has flown and he is huuuge!
He is 9kgs and is fitting into a size 1! (gosh its hard to find clothes)

My problem is that over the last few days he has been sleeping from about 7pm till 1am, feeding then sleeping from like 1.30 till 6am feeding then sleeping still midday and then just lying on his play mat not doing anything and then wanting to go back to sleep!

He used to be soo active on his play mat and tummy time and he just seems to want to sleep now.. you feed him and he rubs his eyes and then has a little whinge until you put him in his cot and wrap him.

Im not sure if I should be worried or not?

Has anyone else had this problem?

hi there

wow what a big bubba you have. my 20 month DD is only 10kgs and some size 1 stuff is too big for her LOL but she's a tiny tot!

babies go through lots of different stages and growth spurts and its quite possible that hes just needing a lot more sleep at the moment. however the fact that its not normal for him, i would be taking him to a GP or CHN just to get him looked over for peace of mind.

It's probably nothing to worry about but best to check.

DS was very much little much like your little one by the sounds of things. He also was a big bubba 8.8kg at 4months.. DS would sleep pretty much all day and all night.. he would wake for a feed and want to go straight back to sleep. He was like that up until 7months old..which is why the think he was so big because he wasnt up awake enough and active to burn the kgs... Now forget about it.. whats sleep..?
But if you are a little concerd bring it up with your GP or MCHN.
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