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cheaper options.? Lock Rss

what things do you refuse to skimp on??
i refuse to buy cheap nappies - have tried and tested a few and its just not worth the hassle IMO
toothpaste MUST be exp brand name aswell as toilet paper, garbage bags and baby wipes.

what other things do you insist on buying the more exp brand and what are your thoughts on my list?

from your list, toilet paper is the only thing I don't skimp on but the rest ,I am happy to try even bought no name tinned salmon and it was fine!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I don't skimp on anything that has to do with bubs - from nappies to cream to wipes....
I also wouldn't skimp on toilet paper, tissues, my moisturiser and most hygiene products.
I don't mind buying no brand names when it comes to most food items except's gotta be the good stuff or else it's not worth it!!!

These are the things i don't skimp on

Tooth paste- colgate
Nappies- Huggies
Chocolate- Cadbury's
Washing powder- Omo
Biscuits- Arnotts

I always but home brand toilet paper because i don't want to pay a heap of money that gets flushed down the toilet. I also buy wipes that cost less than $2 for 80 and they are the best wipes ever.
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I refuse to skimp on

- coffee, its got to be moccona or filter
- bread, we love Helgas or bakery bread
- meat
- shampoo and toothpaste

Have tried You'll Love Coles & Woolies Select baby wipes and both are great, not sure how much cheaper they are to J&J for instance as we usually buy those in bulk from Big W.
the main things i dont skimp on would be laundry powder, toothpaste, tomato sauce, soap, pads. I buy alot of home brand/cheaper brand products, but there are a few things i wont go cheap on:)
Hey! I skimpt on most things these days, because I really don't like the idea of spending so much money on things that are going to end up down the toilet, in the bin, etc. I buy home brand nappies, and I have found them to be excellent, and less than half the price of more expensive nappies. I also use home brand wipes - they smell really nice and I find them to be just the same as any other wipe. I do buy good soap for the kids, since one of them has eczema. I even buy home brand cereal and biscuits - since we go through so much of it! I dont skimp on beauty products, but I do on shampoo and conditioner.

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

I don't skimp on things for bub.
Things i don't skimp on are.
Tooth paste, toilet paper, hubby coffee,women products.

We have to have the Kleenex Cottonelle loo paper (DD has cheap stuff tho LOL) and we're quite partial to the Kleenex moist bum wipes!!

I think that's really the only thing we insist on getting..
I love the coles baby wipes (purple thingy of 80) they're cheap, smell nice and work well too - never had a finger go thru one!

Oh I guess if we're going to be having cereal then it has to be reasonable stuff.. Like cocoa pops are cocoa pops.. you can't just buy home brand ones and assume they'll be ok. They're not. LOL.
Toilet paper, toothpaste, dish washing liquid, clothes detergent/fabric softner, coffee, meat, cheese, tampons/pads.

I think that's it
tooth paste and kids shampoo and soap (I use dermaveen because DS1 has eczema) I don't buy nappies because I use cloth and I don't buy wipes because I use a warm wet face washer.

I refuse to skimp on:

Toothpaste, Rubbish bags, Deodarant, Shampoo & Conditioner, Laundry Powder...

But will buy a cheaper option on:

Tissues, Toilet paper, Tinned fruit, Bread, Milk, Baby wipes, Nappies, Body wash, Fabric softener, Tomato Sauce...

But not always the cheapest options. I usually just wait for sales on the usual brands I buy and stock up. Sometimes the cheapest option tastes the nicest like Homebrand tinned peaches are the best!

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