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Does my son have autism??? Lock Rss

My son is 2 years 4 months and he is really really naughty!! My friend keeps dropping hints to me that he has autism tendencies and i dont know if i should take her seriously.
He is always running away from me! I'm serious, he just runs and doesn't care, i tell him to stop he just screams at me! he walks through the shops and hits random people as he walks and doesnt care. The other day the daycare teacher told me he has been really rough lately and when she tells him to stop he will not! you have to physically go over to him to make him stop doing something that he shouldn't be doing!! This is just a brief description of what he does. I don't know, maybe it's just the terrible 2's coming out in him but it's really getting me down and i'm so exhausted. I'm a single mum (father he moved away completely and we havnt seen him in almost 1 year), i work part time and studying at TAFE!! Do they diagnose autism this early??

i am no expert on autism although i have worked with a few children/teenagers with varying "Degrees" on the autism spectrum and i have to say that your son running away and acting out violently does not indicate autism to me.

if he was not making eye contact, had very limited speech, was very particular about routines or rather obsessive with certain habits and behaviours etc etc then perhaps it would be a possibility but going off the information you have written, it sounds like something is going on in his life to create frustration and anger and although there could be a neurological disorder of some kind or ADD, ADHD, or some thing along those lines, it sounds more behavioural to me.

If you are very busy with work and tafe, and he i being cared for by the day care a lot and picking up bad habits off other children or feeling like he is not getting enough love or attention, these sorts of things could be reason enough for him "striking out"

When he runs away, hits a stranger or hurt a child at day care, you or the carer physically come over to him and stop him. Physical touch, whether it be to restrain him or to hug him, could be something he is seeking.

Maybe im analysing it too much but hopefully its not autism. At least if it is behavioural, there are ways to help curb the behaviour.

Good luck
Thanks for that info. I've just been freaking out cause my "friend" keeps dropping hints...he is very affectionate and definitely does eye contact and he is quite clever - he can count to 10 by himself and can say the ABC up to P...he has lots of friends at daycare etc!
He only goes to daycare 2 days per week and 1 day he spends half the day with my mum...i play with him heaps and we cuddle, talk, sing songs and read books etc
Also another thing my friend thinks is not right about my son is that he very rarely cries if he falls over, bumps his head etc...he does cry if he really hurts himself but other times he just gets up and keeps going...i try not to make too much of a fuss when he falls over etc...her son cries about everything and she runs and give him panadol and makes the biggest fuss if he falls over or bumps his head, maybe this is why....i dont know, she is really starting to Pi** me off!!
ok well given that information he sounds like a 2 year old LOL
I agree 110% with Emma. He sounds like a 2 year old pushing and learning the boundaries. They also apparently don't have ears at the age of 2, they are only there for show LOL

My brother has a form of autism and he had all the things Emma described and my son sounds just like your little boy! They do settle down eventually. You have good and bad days in the 2 year old stage. 3 is much better lol
My son turned 2 and I thought "wow no terrible 2's". Then he hit 2 and 4mths. And hell rained down in our household. Some days I feel like he is the devil himself and does things constantly just to be a pain and push me. Yesterday he bullied his brother all day - he even hit him in the head with a large stone. Sounds to me you have a terrible 2's devil in your household. Just keep the same routine and the same disapline and be firm but fair. Good luck though - I think I'll be grey before my DS turns 3!
My ds is 2 and 8 months. sounds just like him a few months ago (and still now, especially if he's tired). We have more good days now than bad days and we don't even have to use the naughty / time out spot some days!!! just be consistent, and lots of praise for good behaviour.
Nelly my DS is the same age as yours (another Jan 07 Bub) and I am so jealous that you have good days. Can we swap kids??
Ignore your 'friend'! Sounds like she has a 'know it all' tendency and feels inadequate herself which is why she feels the need to keep commenting.
It does sound like a normal 2 year old- I have to keep reminding my DH he can't just stand there and bellow at DS(2year 4months) when he is doing something he shouldn't be-they simply block it out! They aren't really doing it deliberately it is part of the development at this age. I find going up to my DS, getting down to his level looking him in the eye and speaking firmly to him about what I want him to do works well and works MOST times.
If you are really worried, you could always speak to your GP, CHN-someone who could see his behaviour and assess it to see if it is normal 2 year old behaviour.
What qualifications does your friend have in autism?

I would be asking her everything she knows about autism and why she thinks that. If you do your research on it, you can then start asking her some specific questions and see what she has to say. Put her in her place...
"When I read the Australian Medical Health journal on Autism it said that...., sounds very different to what my son is displaying..."
well, i would, but i can't just let things is the "scorpio" in me!!!

As Emma said, she has worked with children with Autism, same here...and I would never even think of "diagnosing" whether formally or informally a child with a condition like autism.
I don't know enough about it as the spectrum for Autism is just huge!!!

But what I do know, eye contact and displaying emotions is something that most professionals look for when it is suspected. However, I worked with an aspergus boy who had the most delightful smile and he smiled when he was supposed to, so certainly showed affection. but he had no social skills what so ever.

If you are honestly concerned, and not just letting her get to you, go to your GP. If he/she thinks there could be something out of the ordinary with your child, they will refer you to a paediatrician who has the qualifications to diagnose your child with whatever. I couldn't even see a GP diagnose is a specialised field.
i think your friend needs to stop worrying about other peoples children!
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