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Ok so DP i mean DF (big cheesy grin) are going to have a small wedding outside with a small number of family but honestly i have NO idea where to start??

So dose anyone have any good websites they used??

Or any tips for things i might forget or things that will help on the day or any tips really. I suppose the money will come in to a factor too so money saving tips would help as well smile))

Thanks so much smile

I started with the big things first and then made my way through to the smaller things. Always helps to make a list of things you do and dont want.

There's sooooo many different wedding sites. Just google weddings or bridal sites and your state. Always makes it easier especially if you want recommendations on hair and make up, things like that!
I would say the best tip is once you decide on something dont change your mind, go ahead and book it.
First thing is to find a venue for the ceremony and reception and book it. Then find a celebrant.
Good tip to save money on venue is to use and park/beach - but you will have to ring your council to book it. It will mostly likely be free or you may have to pay a booking fee (apprx $50).
Celebrants cost approx $500.
Your next steps will be
1. Florist - shop around and get quotes
2. Cake - if you have creative family they could always make it for you
3. Dress and clothing - if you shop around you may be able to get a good deal, esp if you are not fussed if the me wear suits or not. Choose groomsmen/bridesmaids,flowergirls and boys
4. Photographer - contact your local uni or tafe. They may have some very good students for cheap, or at least shop around and get prices. I found a local person who was very good and much cheaper that a big company. The big companies also may not let you own the originals so check.
5. Video - get a family member to do this
6. Invites and boubonierres - make em yourself its easy and cheaper!!!
Thats all I can think of - Good Luck
Firstly,CONGRATULATIONS on the engagement!

My first tip would be to shop around!!!

I assume you are getting a celebrant for the ceremony? Ring a few different ones as they vary greatly in price.

Do your own flowers,florists charge outrageous prices for weddings,making a small bouquet is very easy.If you have a flower market/farm near you give them a call for the price and what's in season.

Make your own invites.

Buy a suit from lowes/roger david.It will work out cheaper than hiring and it will be dh to keep.

If you are not having a traditional wedding dress look at dress shops rather than wedding dress shops.Or ebay!

What are you doing food wise?

If I think of anything else I will add it!

I love weddings and I am an obsessive planner,lol,good luck!

Yep lots to think about lol

Thanks heaps!!!

Oh yeah cant forget Mr google.

I am happy to make the invites because i like to think i am good at that sort of stuff even though i might not be lol.

Hmm food, not sure if we will have enough people for anything to big so might just book a table at a fancy restaurant ??

Well i am happy with anything you can think of with tips because i mean it when i say i have no idea lol

Well i best be getting some washing done while the sun is out but i will do some google stuff later and i will have a looksie back here later because really do need help lol. I think i best start a list smile)

Thanks again smile

Depending on your budget or how fancy you feel your wedding should be will make a big difference to what you do.

You could do the ceremony on the beach, we eloped and did this then just went somewhere nice for dinner.

Also one of the best weddings I have been to was just done in a hall with close family and friends. Some of the family helped make and serve finger food and they set up a bar where everyone could help themselves to drinks. It was so relaxed, there were no set tables and everyone just mingled like a big party. It was really lots of fun.
If you are looking at booking a restaurant try and find a byo one! That will save you heaps!
If you have a friend that is good at decorating ask the restaurant can they do it.

Depending on how many people you are wanting to invite the restaurant idea is good. Keep in mind you may have to share it with strangers though.
If you are having a few, then a Bowls club hall is the best to hire. We did it for our engagement party, the drinks are cheap and the hire cost was almost nothing and the chairs tablets etc are included. Just get family and friends to bring a dish/hire caterers.
I think you should decide how many people you are inviting and what you really want to go with.
Im not married so I dont have any great advice but, My mum owns a wedding decorating business, and I work for her. The one tip I can give is for chaircovers, ask if they have a DIY option to save money. With us, we are $4.50 per a cover if we supply and set up, however if we supply only, we are only $3.50 and you will find family members are willing to help out.

Also think beyond the box, if people arent cheap in your area, outsource it. A town 6 hrs south of us has only one wedding decorating place and they charge huge prices, the brides down there are now calling us through word of mouth and getting us to freight down decorations at their own cost and its still cheaper that way then to hire locally

Use people that you know! My mum made our cake and my SIL did my make up, so that saved heaps. I got my shoes from an op shop for $4, got my dress from a wedding dress place for $200 (was classed as previous season style but I didn't care - it looked great!). My BIL is a photographer so he did our photo's and my dad & step-mum paid for them as our wedding present.

Definitley use google, you can find heaps of stuff including video's on how to make your own bouquets. I did our invitations, for less than $50, and we made our own table decorations.

Good luck! And enjoy the planning - I had a ball!!

As you have NOOOO idea, the first thing you NEED to do is a guest list & work out a COUPLE of dates. I suggest a couple of dates because co-ordinating all the 'bits' that you need sometimes cant happen on the day that you want. You cannot plan anything without knowing approx how many people you think will be coming. That will tell you where you can/cant book!

then go from there - as a PP said, start with the big things, ie the essentials, venue, celebrant (or church), photographer/videographer, cause if you cant book all these people on the same date, it will be problematic, hence having a coule of options.


where possible, if you are hiring limo's, cars etc, dont tell them upfront that it is for a wedding. Just tell them it is a present for someone - a special occasion. They dont need to know, lock them into a quote, then that is that. We all know that SOME companies will inflate prices when they know it is a wedding. Same with hairdressers & makeup artists. I am not saying ALL, a lot have great deals for weddings, but there are still some to be wary of.

I have a heap of $$ saving ideas, once you know what you want for the day & i will be more than happy to offer up any whenever you want - i work in the industry & so know the ins & outs.

good luck
Hi there, and first off congrats on your engagement! How exciting!!

Like you, i am currently organizing our wedding for November 13th 2010. We are having aout 70 guests, and the first things we have done is organize:

- Ceremony, this includes the celebrant, park/beach/church etc
- Reception, this includes meeting with the lady at the function centre, picking a menu, drinks package etc
- Photo's!!!! Im getting a family friend to do these for me for peanuts, she is a professional
- Dress
- Decorations etc
- Dj and Cars!

Pretty much the main things, the ones that cost the most, get organized first LOL

I have saved heaps on my things so far, i have one word for you, EBAY!!!! lol

Here is a weddings forum i visit, it has everything! I hope this helps!! If you need any other help feel free to PM me! I am wedding mad! LOL
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