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We've been doing a bit of ringing around to find a car that'll fit 4 car seats as well as storing a pram safely. I really don't want a van but if that's what it's going to be then so be it, the kids safety is number 1 priority. I just thought I'd ask those in the same situation, what you drive.

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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With DF working in the Mechanic Trade he tells people to steer clear of Kia's as they are like Hyundi's. Have throw away motors so you do an engine you replace an engine.

He prefers Toyota People Movers.

nissan patrol fits 4.
Posted by: *Wishfullthinking*
With DF working in the Mechanic Trade he tells people to steer clear of Kia's as they are like Hyundi's. Have throw away motors so you do an engine you replace an engine.

He prefers Toyota People Movers.

I agree with your DF. I have got a kia and a toyata, guess which one is sitting in the yard with a blown motor? lol

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I also need to see some suggestions, we already have 2 children and twins on the way.

we have been thinking of either a prado, tarago or something similar. Heaps of people have been recommending the hyundai iload, but we have the same opinions on hyundai and kias - maybe they have improved though??

we need to make a decision soon

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OK well slightly different situation i only have 1 child i but quite frequently have to take more than 5 people in my car. I have a Honda Odyssey and i love it. It is really fuel economic (for those NZers i can get to tauranga from auckland and back for around $60 fully loaded, thats a 3-4 hour drive each way), BUT the boot isnt that great once the back seat is up. So on that point if we were to replace the odyssey then we would look more at the mazda MPV's which seem to have a far more decent boot with the back seat up.

Mazada MPV's are price too when it comes to having to replace thing friend paid $200 odd for a driver side front window in Australia that is as they arent a common car either.

Best of luck

My choice if I wanted a bigger car a Prado

i have a mitsubishi grandis, and i love it! and the base model doesnt compromise on safety features like the other car companies do. and its got one of the best warranties available!

its bott IS reasonable, but wont fit a HUGE pram in it with the 2 rear seats up, but you can fold them down individually and store it that way, with a cargo net if required. the seats also flip backwards so they face out of the rear of the car to use to watch your kids playing sports etc rather than sitting in the sun!

honestly, they are a fabbo car! and keep in mind with the honda oddessy, the 2nd row anchor points are above 3rd rows head, yeah not nice in an accident!!! ouch i can only imagine what it could do! ill find a link for my car....

We are not quite in the same situation as we only need 3 carseats. But we have just upgraded and decided to get something bigger that would last us if we had more children. We brought a Holden Suburban it's an 8 seater and has massive bootspace like a station wagon. So can easily fit luggage/double pram/ cot etc if we want to go camping etc.. Lol, although we could probably sleep in the back if we wanted to there's that much space.

Thanks ladies, I can't believe how many responses so far.

We actually have a Prado now, we bought it new last year to accommodate my 3 children and I love it sooooo much but unfortunately the Toyota 4WD range don't have anchor points in the rear. They told me we might be able to find someone to make it compliant but as far as we're concerned, if the car doesn't come equipped with the things we require, it can't be safe.

I've rung Mitsubishi about the Grandis and while it does fit 4 seats, there's not enough room in back for pram, which is where we really want it because I hate the thought of it laying next to one of the girls if we were in an accident.

So as you can tell this little gem came as a surprise, and we don't seem to be having much luck. It just seems to me that people with bigger families are a little disadvantaged when it comes to vehicles, the bigger they are the uglier they get. In saying that, once the kids are out of the car seats we will be able to go back to the 4WD's again, it sounds vain I know, I just don't want to give up my Prado.

3 beautiful girls, 4yrs, 2yrs and 10mths

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