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The kindness of strangers/ My shopping trip Lock Rss

I just need a offload my day somewhere LOL

Ok I had a horrid morning trying to shop with DS2 30mth and DS3 20mths. DS2 has the last 3 trips refused to walk, refused to be in a trolley or the pram he insists he has to be carried. Today I didn't take the pram as I planned on getting a trolley for DS3 to sit in. We got out of the car walked 5 steps and the screaming started. DS2 threw himself on the ground and refused to walk. I got him up and we went another 5 steps and repeat. This went on through the whole carpark with DS3 just walking quietly next to me. I refused to carry DS2. We got to the esclator and it continued. We got off the esclator and didn't get any further due to DS2 screams. Many ppl on the escaltor gave me the understanding smile that they knew what I was going through. The last 2 trips when this has happened I have picked DS2 up and gone back to the car and home but today I refused to do this.

Two lovely mums stopped to see if there was anything they could do to help me, and to comment on how calm I was. All the time with the screams I kept reinforcing that I was not going to pick him up and carry him. I would bend down and give him a cuddle and the crying would stop but as soon as i stood up it started again. One lovely mum had a chat with us and DS2 smiled and walked along with us to BIG W. Where as soon as we entered the shop he started again. DS3 was sitting in the trolley at this stage and I gave DS2 a choice to walk or also go in the trolley. The screams continued and I put him in the trolley. I would stop and cuddle and they would stop but as soon as he realised I wasn't going to carry him they started again. what should have been a 15 minute trip took nearly an hour with my child screaming the shop down the whole time and me repeating over and over "I am sorry but I am not carrying you. You can walk or you go be in the trolley but I am not going to carry you no matter how loud you scream."

I think I would have totally lost it and given up and gone home if it was not for the kindness of strangers and the understanding smiles and comments I received.

So if you see a Mum or Dad having a hardtime with a child in the shops stop and see if you can help, if you can, or just give a few words of support and understanding as I now realise how far that kindness can go.

Thank you to those few words I got today.

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Good on you for sticking to your guns and not letting it (visually) get to you.
I know how flustered you can get when you've got a tanty pants in public - so not fun!

Glad to hear that you had some very understanding 'colleagues' around who knew exactly what you were going through and could sympathise with you.. it sure does make a world of difference when you get that knowing and sympathetic look from someone..

Hopefully your DS will get the picture soon!
gosh i wish ppl around here were nice like that! i usually just get filthy looks. dd screams when we do groceries and today ds decided he would join it argh.

i hate it how it seems to really echo int he shops too!!

It makes you feel good when others stop and help. I was shopping the other week at Westfield and DD was having a tantrum as she wanted to go and see the puppies. A lovely old lady stopped and asked DD if she could choose which t-shirt she liked best for her grandson, she then had a chat with us. It was enough for DD to feel special and we didnt have a drama afterwards. If only these people were around all the time.

It nice to know that there is some great people who are willing to help you or anyone out.

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