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Agenda for the night?? Lock Rss

What's everyone got planend for the night??

I must say mine is rather boring but first i have to chance my toddler around the house to get his nappy on. We ahd a early dinner and bath. So here's hoping for his to have a early night.

nothing excitning here. Just the same old stuff dinner, shower and bath for DD and then its me time.
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Im looking forward to some me time!
LOL enjoy it when you can.

My last few days/nights have been hectic and once dinner is cooked for the older kids I am going to go and lock myself away in my room and let DH deal with the 4 kids LOL.

I hope last night went well and sorry I missed it. I missed the invite and a few other things will tell you later on LOL.

Have a good night hun

currently being updated please check back later.

I ended up canceling it! which im glad as i have a feral son who is a bloody night mare!! I hope it's beacuse his dad is away and things calm down when he get back.

But the tears are following from him!! ARGH!!
Well DS2 is in bed fast asleep, DS1 is bathed and fed and is winding down, DD1 is cooking dinner for the rest of us, DP is watching TV and I'm already bathed and in my PJ's LOL. The boy's godfather will be here around 9-9.30pm as he's been on the road since the wee hours and he'll be ready for a shower and bed by the time he gets here so early-ish night for me LOL

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