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toddler refuses to say his brother's name! Rss

my youngest son was born two years and two days after boy number two. since then, Mr Two has refused to call the youngest by his name. We have tried every tactic under the sun to get him to say it, but the sly little guy is on to us and just as we think we have succeeded he says "baby"... there is no other signs of him being jealous, and he is quite friendly and cuddly with the baby.

anyone experienced this and know how to get over it? it's been 8 months already, and it's wearing thin!
It's probably a slight jealousy/attention thing - he knows that you react whenever he doesn't say his brother's name so he keeps doing what he's doing.

As frustrating as it must be, I would just try to ignore it as much as possible. Whenever you speak about DS2, refer to him by name, but don't make a fuss if DS1 doesn't do the same thing..

I think the more you make a big deal out of it, the more DS1 is going to keep doing what he's doing!!
I have to agree with Jenna....the more fuss you are making over it the more 'entertainment' value your son is getting out of it. He knows mummy gets wound up when he doesn't say his brother's name and he'll keep on doing it until it doesn't push your buttons anymore.

But when he does eventually say his name....make a huge fuss about it and praise him till the cows come home.....maybe then he'll realise it's heaps more fun when mummy is happy with him saying his name and keep on doing it.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

As this is my third child, I knew to ignore Mr 2 early on - but wanted to know if anyone had had someone so stubborn after three months (at least) of ignoring him not saying the baby's name!

No fuss is being made, just two concerned parents that have a child who may have Baby as a nickname indefinitely!
DD2 did this to DS. She would just call him brother and even when we corrected her NUP just brother so we let her and now she says his name...
Does it really matter? He will say it when he is ready. He knows it gets under your skin
i only have one child so i guess i dont really see whether you are coming from because to me, i dont really know why you'd be concerned?
Does it really matter if he wants to call him baby?
I know its not a very original nickname but if he's saying it in an affectionate way, i wouldn't be making an issue of it, nor becoming impatient over it.

if he was calling him s hit head or something then fair enough but he'll say it in his own time
mmmmmmmmmmm......... would I have put the post up if it didn't matter? sorry, but now i'm cross or speaking at cross purposes!

I am just curious to find others who have experienced this sort of problem. NO he is not using it as an affectionate name, no he doesn't know it gets on my wick, cause I got over it months ago. My concern is more about how stubborn he is in using the correct name for a close family member. after all, the youngest is now 8 months old!
Just a thought easy is your youngest's name to say? Would it be something Mr Two would say easily or could it be a little difficult for him?

DP's nephew is 6 now and has only got his big sister's name down pat in the last 12mths...he'd never call her Jessica or Jess, he'd only say sissy and often that's all he calls her even though he's quite capable of saying her name now.

Your Mr Two will say his brother's name in his own good time...I wouldn't stress too much over it.

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

Ok from your post I gather that Mr 2 is 4mths off turning three. At this age many sounds can be very difficult to pronounce it may be that he cant get his head around the combination of sounds that make up your youngest childs name. My second child didnt call his younger brother by name until 12-13mths after he was born. I wouldnt get too concerned about him being called baby Mr 2 will manage it in time and if it really is he is being stubborn then once your youngest is old enough to insist his name be used it will be. For now any time he speaks about the "baby" answer him in a way to repeat what he has said and insert the childs name instead of the word baby. E.g "Baby took my car mummy" answer it..."Yes I see (name) has taken your car...Is it ok if (name) plays with it for a minute, then (name) will give it back"

Cheers Ness

Bribe him with chocolate.
This is my almost 3yr old also!! I have even caught him on the odd occasion going to say his little bro’s name then catching himself & says “baby”
I also prepped him for the last month or so telling him his brother won’t be a baby anymore on his birthday.
I thought it was going to work. He’s even told me.
“Not a baby anymore.”
Anyway 1st bday came & went and his brothers still “baby” lol
So stubborn!
I also know he can say it as he can say Lolly perfectly (his bro starts with the same sound)
Time will tell how long he can keep this up!!
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