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Hi, I'm thinking of getting some brolly sheets for my 3 year old DD's bed and I was wondering if anyone else has them and what they think of them? Are they really absorbant and as great as they sound? I'm wanting to start DD without a nappy of a night time now that it is getting warmer. Thanks.

bump. Surely someone must have one or have some suggestions for me!

I just bought some a few months ago. They're great! We've still got DS in a pull up though but they don't contain everything so I got the brolly sheets, I was sick of washing sheets and those plasticy waterproof matress protectors every day. So DS hasn't done a big wee in them but he did spill a drink of water once and had a huge vomit and they contained it all really well.

My favourite thing about them is that they go in the dryer and you don't have to wash all the sheets when they wet the bed. They're expensive but well worth it I think.

Wow what a fantastic idea! So glad I popped into Huggies today and saw this. My dd is nearly 3 1/2 and still in a nappy for bed, she doesn't have one if she has a daytime sleep and now and then will wet the bed, I hate changing and washing the sheets.

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