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whats your pets names?? Lock Rss


We have 2 dogs and 2 cats.
Dog 1 is Toby, dog 2 is Coco, cat 1 is Tinkerbell and cat 2 is Barry
Fish - Fish, Chips, Garfield
Cats - KC (Kitty Cat), Molly
Dogs - Dolly, and Jackie Shih Tzu (or Jack Shiit for short)
Haha Ricki, I love Fish and Chips for your fish... cute.

Suzee, I used to have a dog named Toby smile

Fighter fish- DD named it Ponkolly fishy
We inherited a cat from the last place we lived at. Azlan or Azzy cat is his nick name.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

We have 2 cats

Simba & Peppa

Cat: Bella or Bella ballerina
Dog: Coco or Coco pops or Chicken pops lol
Fish: Fred, George, Bart, Homer and little angel
2 dogs Kinky and Reggie

kinky has a "broken" tail hence the name. SHe gets Kink for short lol
My cat's name is Millicent Poang - Poang is a bit of a joke, it's a chair at ikea, our friends thought she should be named after something from there as we are big fans!LOL
We had a kelpie called Lucy but my BIL is a farmer so he has her now.

We have a black cat named Santo (it means Saint in spanish).
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