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EBAY bidders are nuts!!!! Lock Rss

I placed a few things on ebay which are in near new condion. They finish tonight and OMG people are crazy. I listed the RRP in the auction description to honestly state what I paid for it and people have placed bids beyond what the retail price is brand new!!!

Some people must get this adrenaline rush and go nuts they could go to the supplier and get the brand new product for less than what they are paying!
LOL! I agree people are crazy and sometimes lazy. I have seen items like an Ariel Disney princess backpack go for $80 in a bidding war, when the same seller also had an additional one listed at a Buy It Now price of $24.95. People just don't research! But good luck to you - I am glad it is in your favour smile

Woohoo! Lucky you! I saw a pair of pumpkin patch jeans BNWT sell for about $10 more than retail a couple of days ago. I think maybe its a case of the person wanting that particular item and not being able to find it anywhere else or maybe country people that don't have access to the big shopping centres that don't have an idea of the normal retail price.

hi what are you selling?

what was it?

i was watching a p&t vibe pram, it sold for $800, when i can buy it brand new for $ i would rather buy brand new.

i have sold a few things for more than the retail price.

It's insane! I usually research what the 'new' sell price is of something, decide before hand what I will bid and what I think is reasonable for second hand (including postage) and wont go higher. If I get outbid then good on them-if they want to pay RRP price for something second hand good on them lol. But great for the seller!
I'm putting a digital camera and some brand new Nuk teats and dummies up soon-hopefully some of those crazy bidders head my way. lol
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