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What TV show are you addicted to but wouldnt usually admit to Lock Rss

Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone out there watches a TV show but would generally not admit it to anyone else..

My confession is:

The biggest Loser and Big Brother

Would love to hear yours!
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Great post...

I don't mind admitting that I love Greys Anatomy, CSI, The Biggest Loser... all in primetime...


I have to say... I love REBA - which is on at 11.30am and that's when bubs has his morning nap and I can sit down and have a cuppa... and rest from the morning chaos! ha ha.

Hi All,

I have to admit to watching The biggest loser and big brother. I'm spewin i have to work tomorrow night and miss them going into the house. I used to love footballers wives when it was on. I don't think it gets any more trashy than that.

kylie mum to abbi 8, baby due 16/7/06

Okay confession time ... Smallville & Medium ... sad I know but I can't get enough of them!
I have always loved B & B. I have watched it since my uni days. I never told anyone until I met my best friend who loves the show too. To my delighted, almost all of the Mum's at Mothers Group watch it as well.

I also love The Biggest Loser!

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