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Hello..... Lock Rss

I have not been on here in a LONG time.

Wondering if anyone I used to chat to is stil on here?

After my 3rd child (which was 14 months after my 2nd) life has been one whirl wind of sleep deprivation, nappies and feeding!

Life is slowly getting back to normal now Chloe-Mae is 16 months old.

Claiming some sanity back!

lol i dont remember you, but HI anyway! lol

also if you take the '&' out of your username, we can preview your posts.

Oh my. I am so happy to see you and I remember you.
My My My, Hello Ali! It has been bloody ages since you were hear last.
I hope you are well! Long time no see indeed.
I am now a mum of 4, I had girl in Aug 2008, Gabriella, she is gorgeous, and now expecting number 5 in January.

I hope we get to see your name around here a little more often!
your post brought a smile to my face. It is good to see older members coming back!
Don't stay away for so long next time
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