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WiFi Rss

Say there was someone that may or may not live near me who might have wireless internet thats not protected by a password and i could possibly connect to....

Would it be traceable? Is it safe?? Would this person know??

All hypothetical of course! LOL
Yes it can be done. My cousin had their normal braodband hacked into and used, even unplugged. Noone can work out how caused a bill of $1000. Anyway No i dont think the other person knows only if they havent used their internet much but the bill shows it been used. I think with wireless it could be traced because its via satelite???
I don't see why not, as long as "said person" doesn't have to accept you entry to the network first.

If not, then the only way they would know is if they are watching the networks and sharing centre while "you're" connected.

I don't know how safe or traceable it is tho. If "you" have to register to their network then I'd say yes its traceable.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

LOL ok thanks girls, it doesnt have to be accepted in, it just connects.
As far as i know No they cant trace it we use my brothers wireless if we go around there with the laptop and he dont know any different
I think it depend on whether they have an internal or external modem. I *think* that on an external one there are lights that show you are on the net, and one light comes on if someone else is using your internet. I am nit usre if there is anyway of telling who is using it though.
LOL I did this all around aust!
We travelled in a caravan for a yr and I had free internet nearly everywhere because there are 100's of ppl who dont protect their connection with a password... Silly people!

Enjoy wink

It depends who the wireless is through. I know through our internet provider, if someone tries to log in and use our wireless, they get automatically locked out and we get a phone call, but we have a lock on ours anyway.
Alot of people dont know you HAVE to lock it, to get other people off it, so not their fault really. I personally see it as stealing. You wouldnt walk through someone else's door because it isnt locked, so i wouldnt steal their internet that they havent locked it. That of course is just my opinion.

When i first got wireless, i didnt know i had to lock it, and i would always reach my limit 2 weeks before my bill came and couldnt understand why, then i rang the provider and they told me about downloading movies etc which i didnt do! To me it was like i was violated.

I dont care what anyone does, this is just my opinion and my experience.

ThE eLvEs HaVe ReTiReD!!

Just a quick question for those in the know, how do you lock it and make it secure so that it doesn't get tapped in to from someone else?

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Just a quick question for those in the know, how do you lock it and make it secure so that it doesn't get tapped in to from someone else?

I had to log into the modem and go through the settings. I chose a name for our wireless & a password. And also made it non-searchable. So it only shows up if I tell a computer it's there (they have to have the name of the wireless to be able to search it)

When I faced with the problem of my WIFI I go to and find the solution there. I had closed ports and have to setup them in the "Port triggering" menu.
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