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HCG Levels Rss

Hi Just wondering if anyone else has had slow increases in HCG but goes on to have a normal pregnancy? My hcg results were 195 on the 7th Oct, 5000 on the 14th and 5500 on the 16th. My Ob is not happy that they only rised by 500 in 2 days and would have preferred they were about 9000 on Frid.

I am having an ultrasound on the 28th to see what is happening.

I had a bit of spotting that is why they were checked. I had an ultrasound on the 14th and he saw some cysts. They seem to be causing my belly to swell. He is concerned about the cyst, but said they are the type you normally see when have hormone injections. Which I haven't been taking. He thinks at this stage I either have a threaten mc or the cysts are causing the bleeding and swelling. Not a lot can be done at this stage. I just have to wait and see. I'm only about 5 weeks pregnant.

Thanks Trish
not really sure what to say. I hope it all works out alright
I'm not sure if my story will help you or not but I share it to give you hope.

My pregnancies were both IVF. With my second, I tested positive to the pregnancy test but only had a HCG level of 55. It was the lowest that they considered 'pregnant'. I was told it was unlikely to continue and to prepare for miscarriage. They would test again in a week to confirm they had dropped away. The longest week of my life as I waited for the miscarriage. A week later (5 weeks pregnant) and my results were HCG level of 1000. (Still not huge numbers but high enough to confirm pregnant). Turns out I was pregnant with twins but sadly I lost one before the 12 weeks were up. However, I have a beautiful, healthy 3 YO daughter who is here today to prove that low HCG levels do sometimes work out.

May I advise you not to google for info on what low levels could mean. That was one of the worst things I did at the time.

I wish you all the best and hope that everything works out for you and your precious bub.

Thanks for both taking the time to respond.
I'm over the bloatness and pain from the cysts just want to know one way or another what is going on, or this may sound harsh have them removed or a dc or whatever is needed so I can move on. I just wish time could move forward faster so I know if it is a viable pregnancy or not.

They are now stopping me from doing daily activities and playing with my little girl.
Been in hospital as the pain was getting worse, they did a ultrasound and there was no sac but they are going to do bloods and go from there.
Got results of further bloods today, there was a small rise so another blood test tomorrow. Wish I knew what was going on.
hi i hope the outcome is good smile

take care

My pregnancy was etopic, the hospital really stuffed me around and put my life at risk. I hope this never happens to anyone else.
Im so sorry to hear that trishy sad Its such an awful thing for you to go through. My sisters story was almost identical. After 3 or 4 weeks of getting stuffed around with blood tests and ultrasounds, appointments, it turned out to be ectopic. The thing was, that was one of the first things they checked for and they said it wasnt.

I hope you can get the treatment you need x
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