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My dd ears stick out and we are considering getting them pinned back.I really don't know if they are bad enough to put her through that or not.I am thinking of her when she is older.
I am off for a while but I will check in later.
Thanks for your honesty and I will not be offended in anyway so please let me know what you think!
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hehe okies does now

i think they do stick out i dont think by huge amount though nothing i would b overly worried about

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In my HONEST opinion I think they are fine. They stick out a bit but not so much I would have thought anything of it without you pointing it out iykwim?

I could not see the photo as it did not load, but I had mine done in my 20's but I only had 1 that was sticking out so it was worse for a selfconscious point of view.Everyone else said they did not not even know , probably because I never wore my hair back or hardly ever.I just had day surgery in the doctors rooms with a local anathestic . it was a bit scary , all those needles in my head/ ear area.It would be better to do it in hospital with a g.a I think

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wow she's a beautiful girl. If you feel she would benefit i think you should. If she were my child i would consider it, yes she is still young but she will get bigger and i would think that they would stay like that iykwim - sorry bad wording i hope i havent offened you.

can i ask has her ears always stuck out or has it only been noticable as of late? maybe the docs may say to wait a few years to see how they are as she develops

In my honest opinion, I think they are fine. She is a beautiful little girl. I don't think they stick out far.

Good luck with your decision.

honestly - i actually dont think theyre that bad! I was expecting worse than that when I read the OP!

Does she wear her hair out much? Do they bother her as well?

I look at that photo and just think what a beautiful girl, I honestly think that her ears look fine. No problems at all. my sons ears stick out alot more than hers.
I had two friends in high school whose ears stuck out. One was horribly self conscious and never wore her hair down and ended up having the operation at about 17. The other was never bothered by it. So I would say wait to see if see wants it.
I went to school with a boy who's ears really stuck out far, they seemed to settle down as he got older though. Yes he did get teased for having 'big ears' but he didn't let it bother him.

I think your little girl is gorgeous! Is she self conscious of them at all? If she's not bothered by them then I'd say don't mention it to her.. You don't want to make her self conscious. But if they bother her and she wants to get them pinned back then if you can I'd let her. They don't stick out very far, I don't think they look bad at all! But you don't want her spending her whole life trying to hide them if she doesn't like them.

Thanks everyone for your opinions!

To answer the questions

They have always stuck out like that but I am just thinking about it more now as she is off to prep next year,we all know how kids can be!

She has never said anything about them.

She wears her hair fully tied back at daycare and mostly half up or in a headband because she has wild,curly hair at home and on the weekends.

Obviously at school it will always be tied back.

I think I will make an appointment at the gp to discuss it further.

I wasn't offended by any comments,I appreciate them.
Thanks again

I do not think they are bad.

I agree with a previous poster. She might not have a problem with them when she is older. Why undergo surgery if she is happy?

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