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What sort of child were you ?? Rss

Hubby and I were talking about this this arvo ...

he recons that Grace will be like me cause Luke is so so so much like him ...he has Jonos mannerisms ..he is quiet like him ..he is athletic like him ..they are intrested in the same things hell they even look so much alike !!

so he asked me what I was like as a kid ?? I was not a girly girl but I wasnt a tom boy either ..I diddnt have many dolls but the ones I had I liked and I dont think I wanted more then what I had ...My sister and I were outside kids and we spent alot of time fishing at the gully adn making mud pies ..we would have the odd makeup session and sing along with the hair brush ...but we certainly were not princesses ...we have never done a dance lesson to me we were just normal kids with no particular "name"

he thinks this is what Grace is going to be like cause this is what I was like ....perosnally ......I think his logic is flawed !! lol lol lol

what sort of a kid were you ...and can you see many of your traits in your own children ???
I was not a girly girl either. Much more of a tomboy. I loved athletics and did it until I was 17. Was much more comfortable in athletic gear than dresses. Yet as an adult, I am very much a girly girl. LOL. I have have a couple of Barbies!

Interestingly, although I remember my childhood as a tomboy, many of my relatives say that Miss Anastasia is a little me and she is a girly girl all the way at the age of 3!

Lachie is very much like his Dad. Laid back and placid. However, be warned if you push him too far! LOL. Lachie also has a sensative streak - something that i very much recognise as a trait he has from me.

I was a girly girl. Ballet and ballroom dancing, dresses, Barbies, make up. You name it. Don't see too many of those traits in my boys ...
I was painfully shy. (strange cause now I"m totally out going). I was a sook and sulked often - hasn't changed. I was scared of my own shaddow - I'm getting better with this. I was (and still am) as stubborn as a mule. I could only be friends with one or two people but they were my life and I would have done anything for them. I now spread myself around and have heaps of great friends. I had many many checking disorder type manerisims. Lol I sound like a nut! Basically I was a super sensitive kid.

I loved boys toys and being outside but also liked playing with my lego and barbies and had the wildest imagination ever. So much so that I had 3 imaginary friends who were very very real until I was 7. I loved putting on concerts for my family and enjoyed being in the lime light.

I loved hanging with the boys and building huts and going eeling in our valley. I wasn't scared of much out in nature but was scared of pleanty of non-existant things. I loved a good adventure and consantly wanted to run away so I could travel around NZ on foot.

I did dancing and was good at it, tried my hand at horses and was scared of them (too big). Played soccor and cricket with the boys (but was not a natural sportswoman).

I see sooooo much of myself in each of my children but also see their father in them too. However my eldest DS is alot like me as a child - sensitive, imaginative, stubborn, loves to dance. But then my youngest has some of these attributes too. They're a good mix of us both I think.
Well, I alot of people think dd1 is a little me, but I see heaps of dh in her. She is very much on the go, quite happy to play by herself, then so was I. She has a temper, but I think is more sensitive rather than a sook. She looks to me a lot like photos of my sister at the same age, but reminds me of dhs brother daughter. Not in looks as the cousin in question is a 1/4 chinese, and dd1 is a blondie. But I just picture her when dd laughs, which is funny as dh and his brother look nothing a like , but you know their brothers.

Dd2 looks a lot like me as a baby. But she has blue eyes like dh's family. She love her bed and decided today not to sleep in the pram.... She is a good feeder, I was ff but was easier for mum than my sister who while also ff mum could never figure her out with feeding. I'll find out soon just how long she is but she's already fitting some of what dd1 wore at 6 months. I actually told dh today she's going into full time daycare and we're getting a nanny when she hits toddlerhood. I was a little poo, and my mums bestfriend still recons she's never going washing machine shopping with me again. Dd2 also isn't even trying to roll over yet but fully expects to to understand her babbling. She is very strong though so can do things but just needs to be ready.

By all appearances DS1 seems to be most like I was as a child (people pleaser, responsible, not super confident socially and sporty) and DS2 is apparently a lot like DH was for the same age (social butterfly, gift of the gab, can be a mischief maker, a little hyper at times, super creative)
wow ...Luke has none of me at all ....sorry i lie ..he has my eye color !! lol lol ..that is it !! lol lol

he is shy I'm not
he is athletic ...i'm not
he is tall and thin ...dont take a genius to figure he got that from his dad !! lol lol
he is smart and alert (mmmm lets just say he is smart and alert sometiems !! lol lol ) .not me
he has no rythem or musical ability at all ..I love music and could listen to it all day ...he cant talk to me if the radio is on ..he has to turn it off to ask for a drink of water lol lol
he loves books ...I am flat out reading the junk mail !! lol lol

all of this is his dad ...we have absolutly nothing in common at all !! lol lol lol if I wasnt there at his birth I would have to wonder if he was mine !! lol lol lol lol

Grace is prooving to be a happier outgoing child ..but she is 5months old ..give her a break !! lol lol
I was a girly mother type girl!
I grew up way to fast and never had a childhood!
By the time I was 16 I was a bit wild (only fri-sun) lol
then I was back to being mother! Lol

DS is very laid back, has a great sense of humour, is very social, and a photographic memory. i think he must get this from his father. from me he gets his love of books and reading, singing, drawing and painting, and obsessive tendencies (lining shoes up into their pairs on the shelf etc)
physically he looks like his father, afro hair, dark skin, dark eyes and afro-american nose, and huge dark eyelashes but the shape of his eyes, lips and face he still looks like me.

DD is very highly strung like her father, it doesnt take much to set her off and once she strats crying she takes forever to get over it. from me she gets her love of teddies and her cleverness (well it must be from me cos its not from her dad)
pysically she is the spitting image of my sister (would look more like me if she had blonde hair and not brown) she has my eyes, my nose and my lips but her dads ears, and eyelashes.

I was (and still am I suppose LOL) the classic tomboy. From early on I'd be outside with dad helping work on the car, in the shed, or in the yard. I hated dolls, I'd either toss them or rip arms/leags/heads off them and was never into the girly stuff at all. Sports was a big thing and being outdoors as much as possible so that part hasn't changed LOL In a way it's a good thing cos I can do nearly everything around the house/yard/car etc without needing a fella to do it for me ..... my sister on the other hand was the classic girly girl...dolls, makeup, the lot LOL

My DD1 is a lot like me in the fact that she's mad on rugby league and has been since a baby. She played from age 5-12yrs, then went over into helping with coaching and is now a junior referee. Her biggest difference to me is she will wear a dress occasionally....I don't even own a single dress LOL

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

I was always on the go either playing with the kids in the street or just keeping busy. I was a girly i like make up and getting dress up and having my hair done.

Bub is like is his dad likes to be doing something. He got my temper but you can see he more like his dad.

I was a girly girl

Into dolls & anything related to babies (real or otherwise) from 18mths

I was shy, loved to read (still do)

Everyone thought I was adopted because my sister & 2 brothers played well together (my sister was a tom boy, she is a mechanic now) & I used to sit on the porch & read or play with my dolls

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