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I think my cat must be dead :( **** Update**** Rss

Thursday night one of my cats got out the front door as DH was coming in. About 30 seconds later she was viciously attacked by the tom cat up the road (who had come into our yard as usual) and ran off. There was so much of her fur outside she must have been beaten up pretty badly (she was really screaming while it happened). We haven't seen her since and she has never ever been outside at night before. We've searched the nearby streets and gone into people's back yards looking for her, we've rung nearby vets incase someone took her in ... but nothing sad

I'm going to go to the pound tomorrow in case she is there and I'm going to put flyers up and do a letterbox drop but to be honest I dont' hold out much hope. If she was near to home she would have come back by now sad

I'm so upset and totally kicking myself that I hadn't got round to micro chipping her yet. She wasn't even wearing her collar either coz she managed to get out of it last week and I hadn't put it back on her sad sad sad
[Edited on 26/10/2009]

I sure hope you are right Lil_Miss_Kita. I've only ever had one other cat go missing .... and I never saw her again sad

It does give me hope that your pussycat came home after so long though. You must have been so happy to see him!

She may be to scared to come home as she may think that the tom may still be hanging around, marking his territory. She would be very frightened and would hide in the darkest place possible that she can find and not be disturbed. Hope she comes home to you and your family!

Naww love how sad sad Hope she comes home for you, like PP said, maybe she just lost alot of fur, thats all, and is too scared to come back yet.

Fingers crossed for you babe

can you report the Tom to the Council and see if they can trap him? Unfortunately tho someones nice cat might get trapped....
She came home!!! Last night hubby was coming to bed and saw a shadow through the glass beside the front door and there she was! She is a bit skinnier and has some nasty bites on her back which will need to be vet treated but other than that she is ok!

I am so happy and relieved!(and so is she LOL) I'm going to make an appointment for both my cats to be microchippped THIS WEEK!!
Thanks everyone! I think all your well wishes helped her come home!!

I'm glad your kitty came home. One of ours disappeared overnight and I know how worried I was then and how relieved when he showed up the next night. Out of curiosity is your kitty desexed? I think I remember reading that it was one of your kitties so assume you gave at least one other as well so is that one also desexed?? If one or both of them aren't then that would be why the local Tom is hanging around. Aslo if the kitty that got out is not desexed there is a good chance she is now knocked up so might want to check that with the vet when you take her in.

good pussy!
great news!
thanks everyone grin

the whole family is so happy to see MoJo back!
And yes, both my girls are de-sexed and have been since they were about 3 months old (got them from the RSPCA).

That rotten tom cat up the road is reeking havoc to lots of us. It pees everywhere (YUCK!!) and fights with all the neighbourhood cats. It ticks me off! I wish people would be a bit more responsible with their pets!!

yay great news love smile

Yay!!! Such great news, so happy for you smile
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