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  5. ok silly question - re: camembert cheese

ok silly question - re: camembert cheese Rss

i just read on the back of it.. 'ripening' guide?

3-4 weeks before 'best before' date, unripe with a chalky centre

1-2 weeks before 'best before' date, unripe with a thin white chalky centre, mild flavor

last week of best before date, fully ripened with no centre core remaining

now what the HECK does that mean, when is it supposed to be eaten?? lol i am VERY confused.

best before date is 10 Nov 09

sorry love NFI what that means, but i thought Camembert Cheese was a "soft cheese" so was to be avoided when preggars?

it was my understnading that its cheeses like bluevein cheese, and the like, and any unpasturised cheeses? pretty sure this is pasturised lol

oh bugger bum, it IS a mould ripened cheese.. sad
well that was a waste of money hey

Pregnant women are advised not to eat:

• soft, mould-ripened cheeses, such as Brie or Camembert
• blue-veined cheeses, such as Danish Blue and Stilton

I thought all soft cheeses were a no no

definitely should not eat when pregnant sorry
this is like cruel torture.. i NEVER really eat it, and i want it so bad at the moment lol. oh well looks like mum gets it... good thing i only bought the small one, but still $35 a kg!

Aw dont you hate craving things that your not allowed =

Ohh well Too bad so sad Amy, Better pass that rich creamy cheese my way!!

Got any wafter thins to go with it?? Procutio by any chance??


Ah im sorry you cant eat it. what a shame hey.
The suggestions not to eat soft cheeses during pregnancy are just a blanket warning to cover yourself, BUT almost all cheeses purchased in supermarkets in Australia are made from pasturised milk so they are fine - enjoy!
lol no i was n a hurry so i just grabbed jatz type bikkies... this really sux lol. it didnt even cross my mind that it was a no no!

its sitting here staring at me hha.. i have really been wanting to tuck into a huge cheese platter sad

oh well.. might grab a mango instead hehehe. not as if that will take away the craving though!! mmm wish i had watermelon here!! hhaa

Camembert cheese, to answer your original question, is actually best eaten after the use-by date. Legally they have to put a use-by date on it, but it's actually the date at which the cheese matures fully and hits the best-eating stage! So look out for the marked-down cheese grin - it's cheaper and better! We often buy the more expensive brands when they're marked down, for that reason!

And Ruby Gloom is correct. Cheeses made from pasteurised milk are generally fine, as the pasteurisation kills the listeria bugs.

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