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shaking as a result of PTSD Rss

i have noticed it before, but never really thought much about it, and blamed weather conditions, but today it was warm and was wondering if it was normal.

i was at a baby shower today, and we all got talking about the births of our kids.

whenever i talk about DS's birth and first few weeks, i start shaking, and i go all cold al over, nothing warms me up. nobody has ever mentioned it before, so i akways thought it wasnt obvious, but today they all said to me my whole body was shaking. and my mum replied that i always do when i talk about it.

is it normal to be like this 18 months later??

I believe it is normal, yes.

I've PM'd you.

Go gently on yourself...

Yep, very normal symptom of it, however i would most certainly suggest councelling for you love.
It took me a similar time to get over choppys birth, and some councelling. I'd nearly vomit and faint at the sight of a pregnant woman for the first few months afterwards, no joke!! i was terrible!!

But the shaking and going cold is a sign of Shock, essentially, your brain is sending your body into a type of shock when your recall the circumstances.

Definitely talk to someone hun, its worth it smile

I would say totally normal.

Fm had a very rough divorce and seperation, more than 5 years ago and still gets the jitters when talking about it.
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