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eli is 3y3m. he goes in the pool with arm floaties on and a floatie aroud his waist. hes never been to swimming lessons.

last week i took him in the pool with only arm floaties. and he was scared. he swallowed water i think 3 times, and then asked if we could go back to the pram. he was scared.

im pretty sure that 3yr old swimming lessons dont have mums there. but i would like him to go. but then i dont as he is scared of the water w/o floaties.

so what do i do?

DD1 will be 4 in December and we started swimming lessons last term, I had to go in the pool with her. However she has just moved up a level and I no longer need to go in with her, I think you will find you do go in the pool with him if he is just starting. Give your local pool a call and they will be able to tell you.
It may take him a few weeks to get use to not wearing floaties at lessons but he will adjust. At his age swimming lessons is no option in our house it is a must, it is not put into the same catergory as football, soccer ect it is essential. If he happens to accidentally fall into a pool he won't have floaties on kwim?
i cant swim, and i havnt drowned yet.

but yes, ive been meaning to put him in lessons every year since he was born. i just havnt yet

I personally wouldn't be taking the same gamble that your parents have but that's just me. I put water awareness/swimming lessons into the same catergory as road safety. You wouldn't not teach your child road safety. As far as i am concerned pool fences are never high enough! The instructors are usually great with the kids. your ds might surprise you. Most people can't swim well enough to save themselves if caught in a rip but swimming lessons will teach him how to get to the side of the pool and out of the pool if he falls in.
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Posted by: blue06pink09
i cant swim, and i havnt drowned yet.

If he fell in a pool without floaties on and he can't swim his first instinct will be to panic and he probably would drown. Swimming lessons are great for teaching them to keep there head above water and teaching them what to do if they get into trouble in the water.
i did go to swimming lessons every year. i just never learnt how to swim. i passed level 3, but never tried level 4. and i could learn now, but im happy to just float and paddle in a pool.

i did check the times (last week) but this term has already started. and i was hoping i could have him in one timeslot, then have mb in. they have a chreche so ive got to work it all out, for the next term hopefully.

are the 2 week classes of 10days in a row, or 10week class of one each week the best? i was thinking over 10 weeks?

I enrolled DS (3yr2wks) to start swimming lessons on friday, and he will be in a no parent group. He has never been to lessons before, just a had a splash around in mum n dads pool with floaties and a vest on.

Good luck with your little man in swimming lessons.

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

We go once a week for the whole term.
Fair enough. You have me lost with the classes you have sussed out. Usually it is 1 lesson a week, some places have them broken up into terms and others just go all year round bar christmas break.
ok. my nearest pools do.

10weekly classes (one day a week), over school terms,
and 10days worth of classes over 2 weeks for school holidays.

DD1 started swimming lessons at 3yrs and was swimming in about 6 weeks (she still does lessons), DD2 is almost 3 and has been doing lessons but cant swim yet but is getting better. I dont get in, sit on side with DD3 in pram. We go once a week, 1/2 hr lessons, back to back (ie one after other) in small group (max 3 kids). They love it, and to be honest I'd feel irresponsible if I didnt have them in swim lessons!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

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